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junkyard dog

An especially nasty, vicious, or savage person or animal (especially a dog). Of a person, often used in the phrase "meaner than a junkyard dog." Though he's always polite when he's in public, Tim's husband is meaner than a junkyard dog behind closed doors. That standard poodle may look cute and fluffy, but it's a junkyard dog, you can be sure about that.
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meaner than a junkyard dog (with fourteen sucking pups)

Rur. cruel; eager to fight. Don't mess with her. She's meaner than a junkyard dog with fourteen sucking pups. They say Jim's meaner than a junkyard dog, but really, he's a sweetheart.
See also: dog, junkyard
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The team officers sealed the junkyard shop after recovery of 21 kg medical waste including syringes, blood bags, glucose bags, etc.
Amazingly, Junkyard stepped on the carbon arrow in such a way to break it in two as he fled
The style received such positive feedback from customers that when Haddad decided to make Junkyard a permanent outlet, he stuck with the upcycling concept.
Before he began working on Junkyard last year, Khazen had no experience in design.
One of the previous reviewers of Junkyard Planet quoted on the dustjacket writes that "you will never look at anything in quite the same way again" .
The decision to launch Dope Junkyard was born out of a realization inspired by the young & energetic fashion entrepreneurs of the show, How To Make It In America.
Agra SSP Subhash Chandra Dubey said it was an old junkyard where metallic scraps of the army were kept.
The warning beeps sound again, and dust clouds float into the sky as the monster tires roll across the junkyard.
A Freeport junkyard was slapped with a nearly $18,000 fine by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection for violations resulting from the improper storage and containment of hazardous waste.
Kicking things off on Monday is the celebrated New York new-wave beatniks JEFFREY LEWIS & THE JUNKYARD.
By Abdullah Al-Harabi KUWAIT, May 13 (KUNA) -- Thirty-one suspects were arrested in connection with the Amghara junkyard fires, Interior Ministry announced here Sunday.
Jennifer Littlefield, the mother of a female student, told the Courier that Junkyard Prophet members told the assembled girls "that they were going to have mud on their wedding dresses if they weren't virgins" and "that any-one who was gay was going to die at the age of 42.
Vallee, the city's economic development coordinator, said a $1 million grant was used to bring water and sewer connections through the nearby LKQ junkyard and the aging Jytek Industrial Park, further down Route 12.
Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard @ The Globe, Cardiff (tonight) * IMAGINE Bob Dylan raised on a steady diet of Space Dust and Saturday morning cartoons and you're half-way to Lewis' slackerish storytelling charm.
The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection said it has completed the clean-up of the former Jake Ours Family Junkyard abandoned tire pile in Rochester Township, near Harrisburg, Pa.