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junkyard dog

An especially nasty, vicious, or savage person or animal (especially a dog). Of a person, often used in the phrase "meaner than a junkyard dog." Though he's always polite when he's in public, Tim's husband is meaner than a junkyard dog behind closed doors. That standard poodle may look cute and fluffy, but it's a junkyard dog, you can be sure about that.
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meaner than a junkyard dog (with fourteen sucking pups)

Rur. cruel; eager to fight. Don't mess with her. She's meaner than a junkyard dog with fourteen sucking pups. They say Jim's meaner than a junkyard dog, but really, he's a sweetheart.
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Before he began working on Junkyard last year, Khazen had no experience in design.
Although Dope Junkyard just launched in (November, 2012), it is quickly growing as a recognized online retailer for thrift & new merchandise.
The explosion was so massive that Ram Nishad, the owner of the junkyard, Chhotu, a garbage collector and Maya Devi, a passerby, were all killed on the spot.
uk Matchbox Cabaret feat JEFFREY LEWIS & THE JUNKYARD, JANE BOM-BANE Waiting Room, Eaglescliffe Monday, August 30 Entry pounds 15
He affirmed that security was tightened around the junkyard to prevent more similar incidents from occurring, adding that interrogations were carried out with the suspects to determine who was behind the fires.
Stanton emphasized the "positive portions" of Junkyard Prophet's message but added that the band expressed "an opinion about intolerance that's not in line with the beliefs of the Dunkerton Community Schools.
Vallee said, because easements were needed through Jytek and the junkyard.
The PC directed me to another red light belonging to one of the flight-deck personnel between the aircraft and the junkyard.
Now he has vowed revenge by applying to open a junkyard next to Trump's own mansion on the estate.
A pounds 4,800 reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest of Xiong Zhenlin, a 32-year-old junkyard owner named as the key suspect.
Police in Hubei province are offering a pounds 4,800 reward for information leading to the arrest of Xiong Zhenlin, a 32-year-old junkyard owner who has been named as the key suspect.
Demo: The Story of a Junkyard Dog is an exuberant children's picturebook about a junkyard dog who tries to save his town from the excesses of its own rampant consumption.
What crazy scheme will they develop to save their junkyard haven?
Winthrop coach Gregg Marshall mentioned the phrase to a psychologist friend, who purchased on eBay a plastic action figure of the former wrestler who was known as the Junkyard Dog.
He undertakes a cover-up of the murder, taking the body in the victim's car to his ex-con brother's junkyard in the next state.