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junkyard dog

An especially nasty, vicious, or savage person or animal (especially a dog). Of a person, often used in the phrase "meaner than a junkyard dog." Though he's always polite when he's in public, Tim's husband is meaner than a junkyard dog behind closed doors. That standard poodle may look cute and fluffy, but it's a junkyard dog, you can be sure about that.
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junk in the trunk

slang Additional fat in one's buttocks (typically on a woman). The term is used both positively and negatively. Primarily heard in US. I like a curvy woman, one with a little junk in the trunk! I need to start working out again—I've got too much junk in the trunk these days.
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junk food

1. Food that lacks actual nutritional value. No wonder you're hungry again—you only ate junk food earlier.
2. By extension, anything that is appealing but seems to have little discernable value or benefit. Your brain is going to rot if you keep watching junk food like these stupid reality shows.
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junk mail

Unsolicited mail that the recipient is not interested in or does not want, often advertisements. Nothing exciting came today—just a few bills and some junk mail.
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on the junk

slang Currently using, intoxicated by, or addicted to narcotics, especially heroin. I assumed he was on the junk because the glassy, vacant look in his eyes. You can tell Tara's back on the junk again—she's been looking really sick and out of it lately.
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the/(one's) junk

rude slang One's genitals, especially the testicles. She kicked the mugger right in the junk when he tried to take her purse. I think I need to go to a doctor to get my junk checked out. There's a lump down there that has me really worried.
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junk mail

annoying, unsolicited mail, such as promotional letters, etc. I am so incredibly tired of getting pound after pound of junk mail every day. I could just scream.
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junk food

Prepackaged snack food that is high in calories but low in nutritional value; also, anything attractive but negligible in value. For example, Nell loves potato chips and other junk food, or When I'm sick in bed I often resort to TV soap operas and similar junk food. [c. 1970]
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junk mail

Third-class mail, such as unsolicited advertisements and flyers, that is sent indiscriminately. For example, While we were on vacation the front hall filled up with junk mail. [c. 1950]
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1. n. herion; drugs. Is Sam still on junk? It will kill him.
2. n. a Caucasian. (Rude and derogatory.) Those cops are junk and they hate my guts.
3. and the junk. n. the genitals. (see also jonx.) Stop itching your junk, you freak. 3. n. possessions. I’ll be ready to go as soon as I get my junk together.

the junk.

See junk

junk bond

n. a low-rated corporate bond that pays higher interest because of greater risk. (Parallel to junk food.) Don’t put all your money into junk bonds.
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junk fax

n. an unwanted and irritating fax message. We got nothing but a whole pile of junk faxes today.
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junk food

n. food that is typically high in fats and salt and low in nutritional value; food from a fast-food restaurant. Junk food tastes good no matter how greasy it is.
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junk heap

n. a dilapidated old car; a dilapidated house or other structure. They lived in that junk heap for thirty years and never painted it.
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Junk it!

imperative Throw it away! This is taking up too much space. Junk it!
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junk squad

n. police who enforce the narcotics laws. (Underworld.) The junk squad has more than it can handle trying to keep up with the hard stuff.
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junk tank

n. a jail cell where addicts are kept. (see also drunk tank.) That junk tank is a very dangerous place.
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on the junk

mod. on drugs; addicted to drugs. (see also junk.) Max has been on the junk for all of his adult life.
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Its trailing 12-month yield of about 4.5% is roughly 80 basis points below the largest junk bond fund's corresponding yield.
Earlier research showed that research on junk news is mainly done on Twitter.
The Jiffy Junk franchise for Queens is owned by Richie Vitello.
"Corals are a source of food and shelter of marine creatures, but now it is contaminated with plastic pollution," the Junk Not website says.
Under these junk plans, women who get pregnant dont get coverage for prenatal care or for delivering their babies.
According to him, the government junks were relatively inexpensive to build ?
As Yee says, this asks the question, "If someone is looking for a piece of content but they can't find it, does it really exist?" If you can't find what you're looking for, even when you turn your junk drawer upside down, it could mean you no longer own that item or that gremlins moved it out of the junk drawer into a different drawer.
The UGC, in the advisory, stated that banning junk food in colleges would set new standards for healthy food habits, and subsequently instill a sense of healthy eating and awareness on the same.
The order provides that only 'nutrient-rich foods and fortified food products labeled rich in protein, energy, vitamins, and minerals shall be sold in school canteens.' It also states that the 'sale of carbonated drinks, sugar-based synthetic or artificially flavored juices, junk foods, and any food product that may be detrimental to the child's health' is prohibited.
We have the nutritionist in aid of us to determine what is junk and not junk," Linga said.
'This connection between poor sleep, junk food cravings and unhealthy night time snacking may represent an important way that sleep helps regulate metabolism,' Grandner added.
YOUNG people who watch just one extra junk food advert a week consume an additional 18,000 calories every year, a report has claimed.
DC Metro area junk removal franchise celebrates their fifteen year anniversary this month.
Because this non-functioning satellite is a rather large piece of space junk, space agencies all over the world are working to track Tiangong 1 to pinpoint its crash site and hopefully clear the area before it hits.
A client recently asked me, "How often can I get away with eating junk food?" She knows that my nutrition philosophy is the "80:20 rule": Eat healthy foods as often as possible (at least 80 per cent of the time), but also enjoy the occasional less healthy food (less than 20 per cent of the time), if that's what you really want.