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at this juncture

At this time. They still haven't reached a decision, so I can't comment on anything at this juncture. At this juncture, we're going to my mother's for Thanksgiving dinner, but things could change between now and Thursday.
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at this moment

At the present moment; right now; currently. I have never felt as happy as I do at this moment.
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at this point

At the present moment; right now; currently. At this point, we are the best ranked football team in the country.
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at this point in time

At the present moment; right now; currently. We don't have all the details, but at this point in time, it seems that the suspect acted alone.
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at this juncture

at this point; at this pause. There is little more that I can say at this juncture. We can, if you wish, at this juncture, request a change in venue.
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at this point

Also, at this point in time or at this juncture or at this moment . Now, as in At this point in time we don't need a new refrigerator. Even wordier synonyms for "now" than at present, all four phrases imply that what is the case now may not always have been so or may not remain so. For example, At this point she is by far the best athlete on the circuit implies that she may not have been the best in the past or may not be in the future. Similarly, Buying a new car seems prudent at this juncture indicates that this purchase may not have been wise in the past and may not be at some future time. Also see at that point.
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at this juncture/moment/point in time

Now, at a particular time. Originally a journalistic locution for the simple word now, this verbose expression is a twentieth-century cliché. Another version, from sports, is at this stage of the game. Both represent an attempt to be legalistically specific. Indeed, an Atlantic Monthly article of January 1975 pointed out, “The phrase ‘at that point in time’ . . . quickly became an early trademark of the whole Watergate affair,” a political scandal in which everyone tried to deny knowledge of and/or participation in various events.
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Anyone who has ever spent time in a Pakistani archive will tell you one thing: there have rarely, if ever, been any points in the country's history when it was not passing through a critical juncture. That is the impression one receives when going through old news reports and official government documents.
Where are the critical junctures located--in time and space--within the 'sea of islands' (Hau'ofa 1994)?
The first critical juncture examined in The Political Development of Modern Thailand came in the period following the Promoters' successful move against Siam's absolute monarchy in June 1932.
In everyday speech we may think of the term "juncture" in the sense of a significant watershed, or defining point in the course of events where two forces, often opposing, meet.
I hope readers will appreciate this issue of Junctures and will consider the material included as pertinent to issues of control in our contemporary society.
Repeating at other junctures: Other themes can be introduced at appropriate junctures: e.g.
Nesbet's primary achievement is to take seriously and examine critically Eisenstein's 'unexpected junctures': 'The "juncture" that played such a key, but diverse, role in Eisenstein's intellectual landscape was sometimes, as in the essay on the Kabuki, a kind of copula, a binding joint where two elements came together in a moment of fertilization.
The book draws on the experience of eight countries--Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela--to substantiate the core thesis that the manner in which organized labour was incorporated into the political order constituted a "critical juncture" that shaped regime dynamics for decades to come.
From a company's reputation to its human capital, risk is in the works at every juncture. Here are the top five areas that Lance Ewing, risk manager for GES Exposition Services and vice president of the Risk and Insurance Management Society, says enterprise risk managers who seek a holistic approach live and die for when seeking out a company's danger zones.
"Our panels were looking for individuals who seem to be at turning points or junctures," says Melissa Franklin, Pew fellowships director.
Using a flight metaphor, this article provides 20 guiding principles for these three critical junctures: Preparing for takeoff--Principles 1-10; Airborne--Principles 11-19; and Coming in for a landing--Principle 20.
This article presents a parsimonious answer to these questions, central to understanding the apparent contradictions of Northeast Asian regional organization, introducing and operationalizing the concept of critical junctures. Before developing that notion and exploring its utility, however, it is important to understand the explanatory gap that needs to be filled.
Perhaps the book's only distressing drawback is a glaring lack of photographs, a problem that hampers the presentation of her argument at crucial junctures. All too often, the writer speaks authoritatively about buildings and images that are not illustrated, leaving no opportunity to consider her positions independently.
The plywood versions, entitled Cast Shadow of Dusk, 1995, and Cast Shadow of Dawn, 1995, were installed at the junctures of ceiling and wall or wall and floor, suitably transitional positions.
"We've had a number of critical junctures in the development of ADT," says Sullivan.