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Pop butterfly Mariah Carey is flitting all over cyberspace, but here is a good jumping-off place to find out all about the New York diva and her world tour, which hits Europe next spring.
The use of one or two lines of dry chronicle as a jumping-off place for a multipage commentary of lively narrative strikes an original note on the contemporary literary scene, yet is reminiscent of the engaging dramatized commentaries on the insipid Confucian classic The Spring and Autumn Chronicle, such as The Zuo Commentary.
I started more and more using book reviews -as a kind of jumping-off place for my own reflections.
In 1970, Don and I camped in the desert in Baja California near the ruin of San Juan de Dios de las Yagas, which had been the jumping-off place for Father Junipero Serra before he founded all those missions in California.
Portland is a fine jumping-off place for a longer vacation.
When, in 1896, gold was found in the Yukon to the north, Skagway's natural harbor made it a jumping-off place for gold seekers, gold diggers, saloonkeepers, and bunco artists.
Planet Oasis is a striking 3-D interface design that acts as a virtual jumping-off place for Web surfers to find the best resources quickly.
11, 2001, and he is stationed at Fort Bragg, which I think everyone knows is a jumping-off place for Afghanistan.
The star of ``When Harry Met Sally'' and ``Sleepless in Seattle'' explained how her footwear gives her - well, a jumping-off place for creating characters.