jump with

jump with (something)

1. To move involuntarily because of some negative stimulus. Mary jumped with alarm when Tom put his hand on her shoulder. The poor child jumped with pain when I pulled the bandage off.
2. To be filled with and made very active by a large number or amount of something. The club was jumping with an incredible blend of jazz and hip-hop. Their party was jumping with people by the end of the night.
3. To be filled with and energized by some positive emotion. The kids were jumping with excitement when we told them we were going to Disneyland. What's wrong? I thought you'd jump with joy when I told you the news.
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jump with something

Fig. to be very active with excitement or enthusiasm. The crowd was jumping with enthusiasm. The bar was jumping with young people.
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References in classic literature ?
The Duke pointed out the water jump with some trepidation, but the Prince's glasses rested on it only for a moment.
Also taking part were Loren Stewart who opened with a big pb at high jump with 1.23m then set a season's best 4.73m at shot and 3.85m long jump to score 1302 points.
That means material coming in to Jump with an IV of 0.5 dl/g can go out with an IV up to 0.8 dl/g.
1993) provide convincing circumstantial evidence for the involvement of trigger-hairs in rapid communication with the muscles which allow the quick release of the jaws' locking mechanism, we found no difference in the ability of ants to jump with these hairs trimmed; furthermore, their full length is not critical to basic jump performance in terms of angle or distance.
criss-cross.: | This is similar to the basic jump with the only difference being that, while jumping, the left hand goes to the right side of the body and vice versa for the right hand, with arms crossing in front of the body.
"If we time things right, the robot can jump with a tenth of the power required to jump to the same height under other conditions," Daniel Goldman from the School of Physics at the Georgia Institute of Technology said.
Championships, she broke her own meet record in the triple jump with a leap of 41 feet, 1 inch to capture her fourth straight title, and also took the long jump in 18-8-1/4, also a meet standard.
One should have at least 100 jumps in her kitty, and Sardana has a good 238 jumps to her credit, which includes a flag jump with the Indian tri- colour.
"I normally jump with a 250cc bike but with a smaller area I'll need to get up to speed a bit quicker so I'll be using a Suzuki 450cc.
Creswell's Nick O'Connell finished second in the intermediate boys high jump with a height of 5 feet, 83/4 inches.
Alternate a crossover jump with a normal open-arm jump, or do continuous crossovers.
Double Dutch enthusiasts will jump with glee after they read Double Dutch: A Celebration of Jump Rope, Rhyme, and Sisterhood.
Oglivie, an instructor in the aviation physiology course at NAS Patuxent River, Md., had the opportunity to pack his own chute and jump with it.
Ruaridh had a strong start in the long jump with a personal best 4.90m for fifth place while Tyler jumped 3.96m.
Hughes won the 60m final in 7.99 seconds and the long jump with a leap of 4.95 metres - in the latter pipping her club-mate Sarah Atkinson, who took the silver medal with the same distance.