jump to conclusions

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jump to conclusions

To make decisions or form opinions before one has all the pertinent facts. I know you found some suspicious things in her office, but don't jump to conclusions—talk to her first.
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jump to conclusions

 and leap to conclusions
Fig. to judge or decide something without having all the facts; to reach unwarranted conclusions. (See also rush to conclusions.) Now don't jump to conclusions. Wait until you hear what I have to say. Please find out all the facts so you won't leap to conclusions.
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jump to a conclusion

Form an opinion or judgment hastily, as in Wait till you have the facts; don't jump to a conclusion. [c. 1700]
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jump to conclusions

COMMON If someone jumps to conclusions, they decide too quickly that something is true, when they do not know all the facts. Forgive me. I shouldn't be jumping to conclusions. Note: You can also say that someone jumps to a conclusion. I didn't want her to jump to the conclusion that the divorce was in any way her fault. Note: People sometimes use leap instead of jump. The medical establishment was careful not to leap to conclusions.
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jump (or leap) to conclusions (or the conclusion that)

form an opinion hastily, before you have learned or considered all the facts.
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jump/leap to conˈclusions

make a decision about somebody/something too quickly, before you know or have thought about all the facts: There you go again — jumping to conclusions. Wait till you hear my side of the story!
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jump to conclusions, to

To draw inferences too hastily from insufficient evidence. Also put in the singular (to jump to a conclusion), this cliché dates from about 1700.
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In my book, Why Do We Jump to Conclusions? I point out five differentiating characteristics between a statement of fact and an inferential statement.
"What has been said does not necessarily mean that Risk Capital Partners intends to sell the freeholds of the business," said Rea, "and people should not jump to conclusions that it does.
It's easy to jump to conclusions - investigate, act consistently and, however annoying and frustrating it may be, it's unwise to act without medical evidence.
I must be honest and admit that I get very defensive when people jump to conclusions about Bahrainis.
4 (ANI): Acting Victoria Premier Rob Hull on Monday said that people should not jump to conclusions about the stabbing of an Indian man being a racial attack.
NORMALLY I would advise you not to jump to conclusions, but if this booking was for a couple then it does look suspicious.
Just because it is Longy that's involved it seems there is a frenzy to jump to conclusions.
Referring to meetings of the council's staff sub - committee, Mr Farmer said: "I found it disheartening that some appeared eager to jump to conclusions that an officer had misled the council or behaved dishonestly.
THE man at the centre of a race and disability storm at Bilton High School in Rugby was quick to jump to conclusions because he didn't like his two new managers, a resumed industrial tribunal heard yesterday.
DON'T jump to conclusions. There could be an innocent explanation.
I don't think it was fair for he/she to jump to conclusions about how much we get.
PAKISTAN'S opposition leader, Imran Khan, warned Western leaders not to jump to conclusions in blaming Muslims for the attacks in New York and Washington.
He said: "Our officers will not jump to conclusions about fans just because they come from the same city."
Before you jump to conclusions, he is not HIV positive or anything.
"We are not doing badly on the pitch and aren't going to jump to conclusions because of occasional losses.