jump the lights

jump the light(s)

To pass through an intersection while the traffic light is signaling "stop." Security camera footage shows that the car was struck by the train after jumping the lights.
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jump the ˈlights

(informal) drive on when the traffic lights are red: A policeman stopped us for jumping the lights.
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Like speed cameras, red light safety enforcement cameras can identify vehicles which jump the lights at level crossings.
"It is incredibly dangerous when motorists jump the lights or ignore barriers, and we will always prosecute those who deliberately endanger themselves and others by failing to stop."
You can just imagine the accidents waiting to happen as cars queue for the lights to change, tempers fraying as the queues lengthen and as impatient drivers try to get down Lumb Lane and when somebody decides to jump the lights because he can't see anyone coming!
Drivers in the West Midlands appeared to jump the lights the most, with 19% admitting passing through red signals in the last month.
In 1999, then Newcastle United defender Andy Griffin was involved in a collision with a Metro train at the same level crossing when he tried to jump the lights in his Porsche.
I have seen cases where once a traffic signal is about to switch to red, drivers actually speed up to jump the lights.
I jump the lights. I'm unmoved by haughty declarations that even if I am not trammelling anyone's rights, I am giving cyclists a bad name" - Writer Lionel Shriver, an unrepentant cyclist.