jump on

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jump on (someone or something)

1. To hop or leap onto someone or something. Please keep the dog from jumping on Clara, OK? She's scared. Molly, stop jumping on the couch!
2. To start something early or ahead of others, in order to gain an advantage. If we want to beat the competition, we should really jump on this project now.
3. To catch someone else in a vulnerable position or situation. I think we can jump on the defense if we run this play next. The police received an anonymous tip and were able to jump on the would-be robbers when they entered the bank.
4. To harshly criticize or reprimand one. The boss will jump on us if he hears we were responsible for that printing error.
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*jump on someone

a chance to do something before someone else. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) Each reporter is trying to get the jump on the others with the story about the earthquake. Kelly finally got the jump on Sam.
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jump on someone or something

to pounce on someone or something. The cat jumped on the mouse. Max jumped on the unsuspecting tourist and robbed him.
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jump on

 ((to) something)
1. . to get onto something. The cat jumped onto the sofa and took a nap. I was sitting on the sofa and the cat jumped on it and scared me.
2. . to get involved in something very quickly. Jump onto that story now and get it done for tonight's edition. I'll jump on the story right now, boss.
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jump on

1. To leap, bound, or pounce on or onto something: The kids were jumping on the bed and laughing. Jump on the wagon, and let's go for a ride!
2. To become involved in something promptly: The boss handed me the assignment and I jumped on it right away. She jumped on to help us out with the project.
3. To attack someone verbally: The students jumped on the college president after he spoke.
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