jump down

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jump down something

to leap downward into or through something. The rats jumped down the manhole. Timmy jumped down the stairs on the morning of his birthday party.
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We had to jump down the steps, which were quite high, and I was really scared of dropping her or hurting her as it was such a sheer run.
That gave me enough time to scale the wall in just my underpants, socks, plus boots, and jump down to the safety of the tunnel.
I recall an intriguing Horizon programme where scientists concluded that we evolved into the most intelligent species (sic) because when our ancestors decided to jump down from the trees and go for a stroll along the savannah, they quickly became voracious protein eaters ie meat, and as a direct consequence the brain exploded in size.
Brilliant dressage tests by Brook Staples on Exclusive Rights and Ideal Contini kept him in the lead and was enough to take a five-year old Section first and second place double, even with a margin after a show jump down for both horses.
He just didn't jump down the back straight and only really jumped one of the last five hurdles properly.
He said: "They faced a jump down of about 10 feet from the roof of the conservatory, but they're both OK and staying with us for now.
They would jump down and get the peach in their mouth and head for the woods.
We're quick to jump down the throats of ``foreigners'' who play-act and dive.
She's brave enough to jump - and chicken enough, or careful enough, not to knock a jump down.
B*WITCHED: Jump Down (Epic) - Should never have ditched the denim.
House mice are good climbers, can leap 12" vertically, and can jump down from a height of 12' without injury.
When we had dance concerts, I would dance and jump down in the pit, to perform with Ruth, then jump back up to the stage.
His favourite of the many unusual spots he likes to hang out is on top of any door that opens meaning his people have to wait until he deigns to jump down before they can close it, as obviously it's the height (pun intended) of bad manners to ever move a cat.
In which UK city do people jump down a giant water-slide on a city street?