jump clear of

jump clear (of something)

To move out of the way (of something) by jumping or leaping. He tried to jump clear, but the bus was moving too fast for him to avoid it. Pedestrians began jumping clear of the runaway car.
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jump clear of something

Fig. to get out of the way of something; to leap off something before it crashes. I barely had time to jump clear of the oncoming truck. I jumped clear of the ball as it came my way.
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In May, Young was banned from driving for six months after a man was forced to jump clear of his car before it crashed into a parked vehicle.
SINGER Will Young has been banned from driving after a man had to jump clear of his car which then hit a parked vehicle.
Singer Will Young has been banned from driving after a man had to jump clear of his car, which then crashed into a parked vehicle in Scotland.
If there is a fire or other life-threatening situation, you will need to jump clear of the car.
Why on earth would you fire a coach who has helped Chelsea regain the Premier League title and jump clear of the pack again this season?
Her mum Tina Harris, 38, today said the ex-Ynysawdre Comprehensive School pupil helped a young friend jump clear of the train.
He managed to jump clear of the express but failed to see a goods train approaching in the opposite direction.
"You go flat out, trying to jump clear of fallers, and there's a moment of proper, sheer panic as you instinctively feel the group peeling apart behind you.