jump at

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jump at (something)

To accept or seize with alacrity (an opportunity). Mark complains about his teaching job a lot, but I knew if he were offered a tenured position in the school, he would jump at the chance. When our manager said she was leaving the company, I jumped at the opportunity to fill the job.
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jump at someone or something

to jump in the direction of someone or something. The frog jumped at me, but I dodged it. The cat jumped at the leaf as it fell from the tree.
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jump at something

Fig. to seize the opportunity to do something. (See also leap at the opportunity (to do something).) When I heard about John's chance to go to England, I knew he'd jump at it. If something you really want to do comes your way, jump at it.
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jump at

Also, jump at the chance; jump at the bait. Take prompt advantage of, respond quickly to an opportunity. For example, When Dad said he'd help pay for my vacation, I jumped at the offer, or When the lead singer became ill, Sheila jumped at the chance to replace her, or They offered a large reward, hoping that someone would jump at the bait. [Mid-1700s]
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jump at

1. To leap or bound toward someone or something: The security guard jumped at the attacker.
2. To take advantage of something enthusiastically, as an opportunity; respond quickly to something: We jumped at the chance to invest in the project.
3. To make a sudden verbal attack on someone; lash out at someone: The students jumped at the speaker during the lecture.
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We believe marketers will jump at the chance to find out what they're thinking about and what they plan to buy," said internet.
Nash will jump at the chance of a move to Celts to enhance his international prospects.
Former Blackburn boss Hodgson, the bookies' favourite to succeed part- time coach Kevin Keegan this summer, admits that he would jump at the chance of managing England.
The formula works: give people opportunities, and they jump at the chance to make a contribution," he said.
Jones would jump at the chance to join Fulham, although he was once fined by the Football Association for a verbal attack on Keegan when he was manager at Newcastle.
We expect PC users to jump at the chance this innovative product offers to organize CD-ROM libraries not only for families, but for businesses as well," Fisher Vice President of Marketing Michael Shoemaker said.
Villa's Australian ace, 24, would jump at the chance of playing at Parkhead.
We believe a significant number of our customers will jump at the chance to purchase a unique, personalized music product.
Palmer is unsettled at Forest and would jump at the chance of a return to the Premier League.
The daredevils in the crowd will jump at the chance to bid on a skydiving package donated by Skydive Long Island.
Wilkinson would be reluctant to quit his post, but Taylor would jump at the chance to manage the Owls.
said other food processors should jump at the chance to take over the operation.
There are a glut of Premiership chairmen who may jump at the chance to lure McCarthy.
We are thrilled with the fact that so many people, in a down economy, would jump at the chance to be part of our latest venture.