jump all over

jump all over (one)

To harshly criticize or reprimand one. The boss will jump all over us if he hears we were responsible for that printing error.
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jump all over someone

 and jump down someone's throat; jump on someone
Fig. to scold someone severely. If I don't get home on time, my parents will jump all over me. Don't jump on me! I didn't do it! Please don't jump all over John. He wasn't the one who broke the window. Why are you jumping down my throat? I wasn't even in the house when it happened.
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Corey Anderson was then sent packing by Steyn, with the South African, tearing in like an angry lion, making the New Zealand all-rounder jump all over the place, before forcing an I-want-to-run-away-from-here fended glove catch to the wicketkeeper.