jump across

jump across something

to leap over something that is broad rather than tall. The frog jumped across the puddle. Timmy tried but failed to jump across the puddle.
See also: across, jump
References in classic literature ?
From the palace to the gloomy prison is but a step--one might almost jump across the narrow canal that intervenes.
If you think you can jump across water, hang from bars, bounce over obstacles, swing through the air and beat the wall, then click here.
The game does make you use the strategic thinking skills of your inner warrior as you dash and jump across spikes and rivers of lava.
By slowly rocking back and forth, I could watch my shadow jump across the observatory's outer wall.
metabrowser: An online application that can jump across websites, gather information, and organize information on one page
They have to negotiate the grasses, bushes and jump across the rocks, where the little bear tumbles.
These are the cafes where parents bring their toddlers, who jump across tables and set fire to chairs before their dad calls out: "Please don't do that, Oscelot darling".
For most regions of the country this is helping people make that jump across the gap to the next rung on the ladder.
I had to take few steps down, and then jump across to another ladder.
In Popovski's view, the elections also showed that six European countries went left, not right, and that one gets involved in politics only to realize ideological objectives and certain boundaries are hard to jump across.
Some pedestrians cross the road from non-designated areas; they jump across the concrete barriers or slide underneath fences to cross the roads," he said.
2% output jump across the sector late last year is evidence that the time is right for companies to reinvest in improving the skills of staff.
The incredible variety of temperate bamboos in China is thought to be a result of the early bamboos spreading out from either Africa or India when the plates collided and allowed the hitch-hiking bamboos to jump across into new territory.
He added: "We saw a jump across our categories from Youth to Plus Size but still I would say Splash Denim saw a most significant jump.
The fast pace is set from the beginning with Juliet's dazzling jump across the buildings.