jump across

jump across something

to leap over something that is broad rather than tall. The frog jumped across the puddle. Timmy tried but failed to jump across the puddle.
See also: across, jump
References in classic literature ?
From the palace to the gloomy prison is but a step--one might almost jump across the narrow canal that intervenes.
Some pedestrians cross the road from non-designated areas; they jump across the concrete barriers or slide underneath fences to cross the roads," he said.
If you have got any connections whatsoever between the computing systems, you can jump across and you can get into the flight critical -system.
2% output jump across the sector late last year is evidence that the time is right for companies to reinvest in improving the skills of staff.
However a five lost on the awkward jump across rocks of section five gave Chilton the breathing space he needed and fellow Beta rider Jack Howell from Port Mulgrave put a good return ride together to finish third on nine lost.
Skyline, the professional events company which organises the skydives, says it needs 177 dare-devils to jump across a 24-hour period to beat the world record.
The incredible variety of temperate bamboos in China is thought to be a result of the early bamboos spreading out from either Africa or India when the plates collided and allowed the hitch-hiking bamboos to jump across into new territory.
He added: "We saw a jump across our categories from Youth to Plus Size but still I would say Splash Denim saw a most significant jump.
Each attempt was judged on elevation, the applause of the crowd and most importantly distance; as only a few made the jump across all ten cars.
Her creative use of graphic chiaroscuro and her deft use of panels of varying dimensions engages the reader with the text and entices one to jump across gutters to create what Scott McCloud, in Understanding Comics, refers to as "closure.
Unfortunately, she also wanted him to jump across some giant rubber balls.
I saw this huge deer jump across the middle of the road then heard an almighty thump.
The energy of childhood is depicted in these as the children cartwheel and jump across the opening endpaper while, at the end, the exhaustion that energy can bring is reflected in the sleepy, bedtime scenes.
Peter Bowen, trainer of Whereveryougoigo "We're putting the visor on because he appeared to lack concentration last time out at Aintree and tended to jump across his hurdles.
Faith is a fugitive who has to use her special range of skills to jump across rooftops and crawl her way through small passages.