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jumble up

To disorganize, mix together, or confuse someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "jumble" and "up." I think you must have jumbled up the message because he and I agreed to meet on Thursday, not Friday. Be sure to jumble the entries up before you pull one out of the box.
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jumble together

1. To combine people or things at random. A noun or pronoun can be used between "jumble" and "together." You can't just jumble everyone in the family together at Thanksgiving dinner—a lot of them don't get along. I hadn't been expecting company, so I jumbled together some snacks for the kids and hoped for the best.
2. To construct something shoddily. Yikes, this old car sounds like it was just jumbled together by the mechanic.
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jumble someone or something together

to mix people or things together randomly into a hodgepodge. They just jumbled everything together and made a real mess. The army just jumbled everybody together, no matter what their skills and talents were.
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jumble something together

to assemble something clumsily and hastily. They just jumbled some holiday decorations together. It really wasn't very well done. I hope this airplane wasn't jumbled together as badly as this meal.
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jumble something up

to make a hodgepodge out of things. Who jumbled my papers up? Who jumbled up all my papers?
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jumble up

To mix some things up in a random, confused, or disorderly manner: The toddler jumbled up the puzzle pieces. The cat jumbled the yarn up.
See also: jumble, up
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lt;B Bosworth Jumbles were apparently a favourite of Richard III, below
In this guidebook and within the Cloud Jumbles portal, Saloob is promoting and building the partner network to release services to the Japanese client network.
In these hard times the jumble sale has a place to be reintroduced, producing revenue for school halls and church buildings that hold a regular jumble sale.
Thorntons Hanging Bag range features: Delightfully Soft Caramels, Toffi Chocs, Creamy Fudge, Original Broken Toffee, and Twistwrap Toffees all and the Sharing Pouch range features: Chunky Chocolate Jumbles pouches and ToffiChocs.
The result: Many of the remaining big trees of the Virgin Islands are indeed remarkable, in addition to being sites of significant historical interest, they are a collection of ancestral shrines, portals to ancient homes, repositories of healing and curses, and jumble tree where spirits were said to live ill the roots, and the souls of the dead were stored--and were not to lie trifled with.
In three experiments, a total of 18 adults viewed lines and dots that were perceived as either meaningless jumbles or geometric shapes.
Give us cable TV, the Internet, and the history of the world on video, and we'll create a culture that jumbles everything together--God and the devil and Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop--in an alchemical stew, so it's sometimes hard to tell whether the result is shit or gold.
But more demanding jobs -- such as regulating lots of current, operating in hot engines or computing at ever-faster speeds -- would reduce these silicon wonders of miniaturization to melted jumbles of atoms.