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Seen from a distance on land or sea, the truncated cylinder registers as a sculptural presence amid the jumbled port cityscape, like a great watchful eye on the very edge of the Japanese archipelago.
In the past couple of years, deeper digs in the oldest part of Pompeii--as well as core drilling nearby--have exposed layers of jumbled sediment that suggest that the city was hit by other natural disasters prior to the A.D.
It seemed schematic and formulaic: Reduce carroonish shapes into flat, saturated elements; pulverize and layer into an impressively jumbled composition.
Down at the bottom, all manner of locally made agricultural machines are rather endearingly jumbled together.
He and his colleagues contend that the thick layers of jumbled sediments now exposed by erosion in a canyon in northern Baja California record a series of gigantic landslides that stemmed from the impact.
Putting aside the busy patterns, rhythms, and jumbled text that permeate these paintings, one could get lost in their texture and material alone, where encaustic, enamel, and oil mingle in complex inlays, overlays, carvings, pourings, spreadings, and cakings.
This pattern suggests that a sex-linked genetic disturbance yields jumbled sensory experiences, the researchers say.
Sometimes the result can be a productively ambiguous standoff, as in Fix (all works 1997), a huge and deeply crumpled surface (it looks somehow malleable, perhaps even in motion, though a surreptitious tap proves it in fact to be quite stiff) made of jumbled swathes of brightly colored tape of the kind normally used for the lettering of store awnings.
The next layer up is a jumbled mix of broken limestone and fossils that range in size from microscopic plankton to handsize shells.
In these oil-based collages on canvas, Chiezo created a painterly vision of jumbled computer- and television-generated imagery and the mindlessly optimistic consumer culture that produces it.
The mass of bones, jumbled together in an area less than 4 square inches, turned up in a layer of fossil-riddled sediments where the other specimens remain complete, intact, and isolated from one another.
5, for example, the hectically jumbled Orphic images must coexist with two severe, black, totemic figures.
At least as many antennas pick up the jumbled broadcasts, feeding them into an unscrambling circuit.
Galileo also took a close look at a jumbled collection of fractured chunks of ice, each the size of several city blocks.
Jumbled and repetitive as this setup may seem, many scientists say it is one of the country's strengths.