jumble together

jumble together

1. To combine people or things at random. A noun or pronoun can be used between "jumble" and "together." You can't just jumble everyone in the family together at Thanksgiving dinner—a lot of them don't get along. I hadn't been expecting company, so I jumbled together some snacks for the kids and hoped for the best.
2. To construct something shoddily. Yikes, this old car sounds like it was just jumbled together by the mechanic.
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jumble someone or something together

to mix people or things together randomly into a hodgepodge. They just jumbled everything together and made a real mess. The army just jumbled everybody together, no matter what their skills and talents were.
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jumble something together

to assemble something clumsily and hastily. They just jumbled some holiday decorations together. It really wasn't very well done. I hope this airplane wasn't jumbled together as badly as this meal.
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It may feel as if there is no longer the time to distinguish between important and urgent items on your massive "to-do" list as all outstanding tasks jumble together. Do you avoid and procrastinate, or do you instead approach every task as urgent and avoid relaxation and sleep?
The dancer's inability to perfect the footwork is a metaphor for his struggles with reading and the way letters jumble together for dyslexic people.
First, the mundane and macabre jumble together. The white characters have packed picnic lunches and adult beverages and are giddily awaiting...
While the study is successful in decoupling synchrony from diachrony, the incorporated data jumble together the formal and the colloquial and are not free of such mispronunciation (even hypercorrection)--as [xane?eman] for the standard xaneman and Tehrani xunamun--in a way that may affect the arguments presented.
Teen dating and family activities jumble together with heavy, undeveloped topics like sexual abuse, grief, murder, homosexuality, responsibility, and commitment.
"They kind of start to jumble together," Longmire says.
The lovely illustrations which appear throughout this smart little book which is so reasonably priced present another case searching carefully amongst the mixed stock at antiques fairs where sets of Victorian 'Happy Families' card games jumble together happily with jewellery, tiny boxes, lace, cut-out pictures and possibly sets of early playing cards.
Passing over eccentricities such as the author's propensity for framework references which jumble together uncircumventable or merely distinguished names in theory and critical practice with a few of rather more dubious merit, this volume is a treat.
Therefore, with this two-disc special you get the idea that the behind-the-scenes stuff is not simply a collection of whatever the producers could jumble together - but a feature in its own right.