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jumble together

1. To combine people or things at random. A noun or pronoun can be used between "jumble" and "together." You can't just jumble everyone in the family together at Thanksgiving dinner—a lot of them don't get along. I hadn't been expecting company, so I jumbled together some snacks for the kids and hoped for the best.
2. To construct something shoddily. Yikes, this old car sounds like it was just jumbled together by the mechanic.
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jumble up

To disorganize, mix together, or confuse someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "jumble" and "up." I think you must have jumbled up the message because he and I agreed to meet on Thursday, not Friday. Be sure to jumble the entries up before you pull one out of the box.
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jumble-gut lane

obsolete A bumpy, uneven road. We cannot bring the wagon down that jumble-gut lane—we're liable to break an axle!
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jumble someone or something together

to mix people or things together randomly into a hodgepodge. They just jumbled everything together and made a real mess. The army just jumbled everybody together, no matter what their skills and talents were.
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jumble something together

to assemble something clumsily and hastily. They just jumbled some holiday decorations together. It really wasn't very well done. I hope this airplane wasn't jumbled together as badly as this meal.
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jumble something up

to make a hodgepodge out of things. Who jumbled my papers up? Who jumbled up all my papers?
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jumble up

To mix some things up in a random, confused, or disorderly manner: The toddler jumbled up the puzzle pieces. The cat jumbled the yarn up.
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On a question, he said that WCLA was gradually preserving the areas.LESCO spokesman Imran Afzal was also contacted by this scribe who admitted to the jumble of live wires in the area.
Jumble, pegs itself as an unconventional gaming experience in the UAE.
Losing Bosworth Jumbles would mean losing a slice of medieval history.
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The Scouts came to pick the organ up for their jumble sale - but Peter's pride and joy was the only keyboard in the room.
"Local community members who came to the jumble sale were also very enthusiastic and the feedback received has been very positive with many already enquiring as to when they can expect another similar event," added Mandy.
Daisy Green Events was founded in Gateshead and the company, now based on the Team Valley, was keen to hold its first jumble sale on Saturday February 19 at St Joseph's Church Hall, High Street West, Gateshead.
SCORES of people are joining forces for a jumble sale to raise money for a North East hospital.
"Jumble," one of the most popular word games in the world for more than 60 Years, has come to the iPhone, thanks to a partnership between digital media publisher UCLICK and Tribune Media Services (TMS).
The man who wrote the jumble puzzle rushed to the hospital to be with his son, who had been hurt in an automobile accident that he, in fact, had caused.
ST Paul's Church, Cambridge Road, Thornaby, is holding a jumble sale tomorrow at 3pm.
Hersam, mix cheap, soaplike molecules called surfactants with a black powder containing a jumble of carbon nanotubes.
Creating happiness and prosperity out of a jumble of conflicting interests is hard work.
When you click to see them you get a jumble of thumbnails of different sizes and no captions.
The jumble might have made more sense were Wild a reporter, but he is not.