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Mumbai: Bachelors Juice House, Chowpatty has fresh juice and an amazing chocolate shake.
has acquired a 49% equity interest in Juice House, a juice packaging facility based in Cuijk, Holland and an option to acquire an additional 2% within twelve months.
Bogers will be based at the Juice House facility and will begin building a sales and marketing staff to further the Company's aggressive growth objectives.
Juice House is a Dutch-based company established in 1994 for the purpose of trading, processing, warehousing and distributing fruit juices and fruit juice concentrates.
Since its formation, Vitality Beverages' operating units have acquired five companies prior to the acquisition of Juice House, including the U.
JUICE HOUSE Earlsdon High Street, Coventry Opened last year, it offers nine different juices and 11 different smoothies in its orange and lime green interior, including smaller kids' smoothies for PS2.