juice back

juice (someone or something) back up

To restore power or energy to someone or something. I was feeling pretty sluggish after I got out of bed, but that coffee really juiced me back up. The car battery died, so I had to get my neighbor to come juice it back up for me.
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juice something back

Sl. to drink all of something alcoholic, quickly. He juiced a beer back. Max juiced back another beer.
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"For us, it puts the juice back in it, gets us excited.
For the inevitable aches and pains that garden chores can bring, pick up Gardener's Yoga (Sasquatch Books, 2006; $13)--a slim illustrated volume of 21 gentle poses that put the juice back into overworked muscles.
The Wolverhampton Wanderers manager is hoping that this week's international break proves the much-needed refuelling stop which pumps some juice back into his team's collective tank following Friday night's unarguably "running on empty" performance against Preston North End.
Down south, Dave Matthews and Alan Golding make their Dave's Cyder, picking the fruit in traditional orchards near Raglan and then fermenting the juice back home in Cardiff.
As a call to arms, the movie puts some 1970s juice back into the cause after years of dry arguments about balance sheets and jurisdictions.
Transfer juice back to saucepan and add remaining cider, fruit sweetener or sugar, cinnamon sticks, and orange slices.
If any should fail to seal within an hour or so, just pour the juice back into the juicer to reheat it to steaming hot again, and use another cap or jar.
He was also caught on video putting two bottles of juice back on a shelf.
The initial Five H offering - 1,545 cases of 2006 Columbia Valley White Riesling - was produced using the German "sussreserve" technique of blending unfermented grape juice back into the fully-fermented wine to enhance its overall fruit character.
Alternatively, you can pump the juice back over the cap to keep everything circulating.
Longtime customers were thrilled to have their favorite homegrown juice back on store shelves, retailers said.
"It is heavy going and last year because I basically played no basketball it gave the body a chance to rest in the winter time and get a bit of juice back in the legs.
Bibi, 53, was a female laborer in a small village outside Lahore, who was offering her fellow workers some berry juice back in 2009 when an argument broke out.
The system by which braking feeds juice back into the battery has always been a feature of the Leaf, but now something called ePedal has been fitted.
"Tyree has a lot of playing experience so to have a veteran guy back there who can make all the calls and make plays, he gave us some juice back there and some energy," Taggart said.