juice back

juice something back

Sl. to drink all of something alcoholic, quickly. He juiced a beer back. Max juiced back another beer.
See also: back, juice
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Tyree has a lot of playing experience so to have a veteran guy back there who can make all the calls and make plays, he gave us some juice back there and some energy," Taggart said.
6 Once the chicken has rested pour all the juice back into the tray and bring to the boil, pass through a sieve and it's ready.
Maintenance of Thermal Odour 2 Reductions (Rto): Oxidation of exhaust air from gas skies tarpaulins and works of pretreatment processing juice back (TDJ).
The most obvious of the green technologies in the building is the 14,000-squarefoot, 240-kilowatt photovoltaic solar array that juts out over the roof like a hat brim and generates more than enough electricity to power the building, sending extra juice back into the larger grid.
Place the remaining juice back into the pan and reduce until slightly syrupy, set aside for the sauce.
I then phoned our own electricians who had to be there to complete the switch-over for us and everyone agreed that it'd take about 45 minutes to do the job and switch the juice back on.
Place remaining juice back into pan and reduce until slightly syrupy, set aside for sauce.
Wente Vineyards uses rotary vacuum technology and DE for white juice lees, and by treating the lees right after a short period of post-press settling, it's able to send the recovered juice back into the stream for fermentation.
You can use your battery charger, NSN 6130-01-465-2674, to put the juice back into the battery.
It is heavy going and last year because I basically played no basketball it gave the body a chance to rest in the winter time and get a bit of juice back in the legs.
Me and my bros used to juice back in the eighties so we could do the longest inverts known to man.
For us, it puts the juice back in it, gets us excited.
For the inevitable aches and pains that garden chores can bring, pick up Gardener's Yoga (Sasquatch Books, 2006; $13)--a slim illustrated volume of 21 gentle poses that put the juice back into overworked muscles.
The Wolverhampton Wanderers manager is hoping that this week's international break proves the much-needed refuelling stop which pumps some juice back into his team's collective tank following Friday night's unarguably "running on empty" performance against Preston North End.