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a juggling act

A particularly difficult and precarious situation in which several things are being attempted or must be maintained at the same time. I think I need to hire an assistant, because keeping track of all these accounts and transactions on my own has become quite a juggling act! Watching three small children at once is quite a juggling act because each one always needs something. I could never keep up the juggling act that goes into having an affair. I am quite happy to be a one woman man, thank you very much!
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juggle (an amount of) balls in the air

To have a number of different activities in progress; to deal with or oversee several different things at once. Rather than focusing on a single project, Tara prefers to juggle a number of balls in the air at once. I'm not surprised he's so burnt out—he was juggling way too many balls in the air at the same time. You can't juggle all these balls in the air and expect to stay successful for long. You need to delegate some of these tasks to lower management.
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juggle around

1. To move one or more people or things into different positions, especially in order to accommodate other people or things. A noun or pronoun can be used between "juggle" and "around." We'll need to juggle around some of the seating arrangements to fit the new attendees. Even though we had assigned seats for the flight, they kept juggling us around at the last minute.
2. To reschedule various appointments or events to different times or dates, especially in order to accommodate someone or something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "juggle" and "around." I'll have to juggle some things around, but I should be able to fit you in for a checkup on Monday. We'll need to juggle around some of the musical acts to have enough time for the fireworks display.
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juggle someone or something around

to alter the position or sequence of someone or something. We will juggle everyone around so that the second round of interviews are in a different order. I think I can juggle my schedule around so I can have lunch with you. Please juggle around my appointments for this afternoon so I can have a late lunch.
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keep balls in the air


juggle balls in the air

If you keep a lot of balls in the air, you deal with many different things at the same time. They had trouble keeping all their balls in the air. In management terms, they were trying to do too much and things were starting to break down. I really am juggling a hundred balls in the air at the same time and it isn't easy. Note: This expression uses the image of juggling, where someone has to keep throwing and catching a number of balls at the same time.
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a ˈbalancing/ˈjuggling act

a process in which somebody tries to please two or more people or groups who want different things: The UN must perform a delicate balancing act between the different sides involved in the conflict.
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Written more than 2,300 years ago, the Chinese Book of Lie Zi describes a warrior juggling seven swords at once.
Located in Beirut's Geitawi area, Just Juggling has a distinctly DIY feel to it.
"My routine now consists of meditation, juggling, mind training, you know, doing all the stuff to get yourself in the right place."
Parameters that were toke in consideration were: total number of juggle (J) made in A and A2, and total traveling time (TT) that was recorded from the end of first 30" seconds of juggling and stopped when the player come back in the square in part A2.
He joined a group on the island where he learnt basic juggling skills.
Once he gets used to the speed when he's running, "you're pretty much just juggling in place."
So, while I was still juggling being a good partner, being present and remembering to put the phone down, I stopped beating myself up when I sometimes dropped a ball.
While many can boast that they swam across the Kinneret, only one person has traversed the lake while swimming backstroke and juggling balls at the same time.
When they appear and perform as a family, the juggling for Jesus Ponces don't have to preach in verbal terms, the love and faith they share as a family shines across the footlights clearly and brightly, wordlessly inspiring viewers to also love their own families and friends.
NO, your eyes aren't deceiving you - that really is Katherine Jenkins juggling! The classical cross-over singer has been trying her hand at circus skills after teaming up with Sky Arts.
The first of its kind Dubai Circus School, which opened in Dubai last year, offers classes in everything from aerial and ground acrobatics to juggling, unicycling, contortion, tumbling and trampoline acts.
Mr Oganisyan is the world record holder for football juggling - balancing on a large football while kicking a standard ball from foot to foot while juggling three more.
WAFI Mall offered shoppers and families, featuring one of the most well-known 'ballet juggling' performers from Europe named 'Fantesca'.
IT can often be a juggling act, trying to find time to spend together as a family.
FANCY having a go at juggling but don't have juggling balls?