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1. noun, vulgar slang A woman's breasts (always plural). Please stop commenting on the size of women's jugs. A lot of guys are obsessed with jugs, but I've always been more interested in a woman's legs.
2. noun, dated slang Prison (usually preceded by "the"). Didn't you hear? Tommy Two-Face wound up in the jug with a life sentence. The guy's been to the jug more often than I've been to the gym!
3. verb, dated slang To send someone to prison. I heard the police jugged him for trying to rob a liquor store. They said she was a threat to herself and others, but I think they jugged her because she was speaking out against the government.
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jugged (up)

Sl. intoxicated. I'm not jugged up. I'm not even tipsy. Fred was too jugged to drive home.
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See also: jug
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