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jug ears

Ears that stick out markedly from the side of the head, thus resembling the handles of a jug. At first I thought his jug ears were pretty goofy-looking, but I've actually come to regard them as quite cute!
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Having ears that stick out markedly from the side of the head, thus resembling the handles of a jug. I was pretty goofy-looking as a kid, jug-eared, bespectacled, and lanky as I was.

put a/the plug in the jug

To become permanently sober; to give up intoxicants, especially alcohol. (Alludes to plugging up a jug of an alcoholic beverage.) I've always loved my dad, but he's become a much friendlier and sympathetic person since finally putting the plug in the jug. It took me waking up in a ditch and covered in vomit to realize that I needed to put a plug in the jug for good.
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federal jug

slang A federal prison. He definitely seems hardened by his time in the federal jug.
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jugged (up)

Sl. intoxicated. I'm not jugged up. I'm not even tipsy. Fred was too jugged to drive home.
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federal jug

n. a federal prison. (see also jug.) Lefty is fresh and sweet—just out of the federal jug.
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1. n. jail. (Usually with the.) Take it easy. I don’t want to end up in the jug.
2. n. a jug of liquor; a jar of moonshine; a can of beer. Where’s my jug? I need a swig.
3. and jug up in. to drink heavily. (see also jugger.) We jugged up till about noon and then went to sleep. Let’s get down to some serious jugging.
4. n. a glass vial of liquid amphetamine intended for injection. (Drugs.) His mother found a jug and took it to a drugstore to find out what it was.
5. n. the jugular vein, used for the injection of narcotics. (Drugs.) He’s even got scars on his jugs.
6. n. a breast. (Usually plural. Usually objectionable.) Look at the jugs on that babe!

jug up

See jug
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jug wine

n. cheap wine that is sold in volume, usually in gallon jugs. We’re having a little do tomorrow—nothing special. A little jug wine and chips.
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jugged (up)

mod. alcohol intoxicated. I’m not jugged up. I’m not even tipsy.
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See also: jug
References in classic literature ?
Poyser; "looks 'ull mend no jugs, nor laughing neither, as I see.
First you break your jug, then you make me break your plate; if all the prisoners followed your example, the government would be ruined.
Once or twice the thought crossed his mind that he might be separated from this unknown, whom he loved already; and then his mind was made up -- when the jailer moved his bed and stooped to examine the opening, he would kill him with his water jug.
About halfway down, cut a rectangular hole in one side of the jug big enough for the chicken to put its head into the hole.
The 19-year-old hopes the jug - which has a red flag as its handle - will turn a profit, helping him fund his university tuition fees and make donations to the Jo Cox Foundation.
But those achievements still did not entitle Stenson to | Champ Henrik Stenson hold on to the Claret Jug when he arrived at Royal Birkdale yesterday, with R&A chief executive Martin Slumbers waiting outside the clubhouse to regain possession of the famous trophy.
While several past champions have had everything from beer to barbecue sauce in the Claret Jug, the Swede has been more adventurous.
Pop your fruit of choice in a jug, pour in the wine and instead of brandy, tipple in a glass of orange liqueur before topping up with lemonade.
SAVE METAL JUG Vintage collection heart jug, Dunelm Mill, www.
Q I own two Royal Doulton Toby jugs which commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Spanish Amanda in 1988.
The Pierson Specialty H20 Jug eliminates the need for purchasing bottled water and dealing with the associated disposal of the plastic container after drinking.
Every single jug contained wine made precisely according to the same recipe in the exact same proportions.
Jug joins MetLife from Fortress Investment Group where he was a managing director and a member of the firm's Capital Foundation Group.
Jug Face offers a picture of religion at its basic level.
Specifically, it is the collection of sweet tea jugs.