judge between

judge between (someone or something) (and someone or something else)

To form an opinion, estimation, or determination in favor of one person or thing over another. I didn't think I'd be able to judge between all the different types of computers at the shop, so I asked my friend Tracey to come help me choose what would be best for my needs. We can't be crafting legal policies that judge between people from one background and those from another.
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judge between (someone or something and someone or something else)

to decide between people or things, in any combination. You can't expect me to judge between apples and oranges, can you? Can you judge between the prosecution and the defense?
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The first of these is the court of inspection over the behaviour of the magistrates when they have quitted their office; the second is to punish those who have injured the public; the third is to take cognisance of those causes in which the state is a party; the fourth is to decide between magistrates and private persons, who appeal from a fine laid upon them; the fifth is to determine disputes which may arise concerning contracts of great value; the sixth is to judge between foreigners, and of murders, of which there are different species; and these may all be tried by the same judges or by different ones; for there are murders of malice prepense and of chance-medley; there is also justifiable homicide, where the fact is admitted, and the legality of it disputed.
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