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Searching through random scraps of paper--or random electronic documents in which you've jotted notes--can be frustrating.
KMC account executive Beth Mayer jokingly jotted down a headline, "Guy with Funny Name Takes Job at Small Company."
He jotted down the numbers of two cars which sped away shortly after and police stopped two cars minutes later in Dunchurch Road.
The hand-written words jotted down by Bernie Taupin could raise millions of pounds.
When I come to that chapel now, the first thing I do is scan the bulletin board, occasionally joining my own spontaneously whispered prayers to those jotted down on the notes.
On the back of an envelope in 1962, Smith christened a piece Monster, which assembled cubes embellished with circular openings: above his drawing he jotted "Asbury Park (?)," and below, "practically a hydrant!" Untitled 1-4, 1954, a group of four charcoal drawings, suggests a study of mass and weight analogous to a sculptural pile.