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jot and tittle

The very smallest detail(s) or amount(s). "Jot," derived from the word for the Greek letter "iota," is a small amount, while a "tittle" is the dot over a lowercase i. Make sure every jot and tittle in the contract is perfect. We can't afford to lose money over some typo or technicality. We'll be scanning each jot and tittle of these documents for errors.
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jot down

To write something down, often in haste. A noun or pronoun can be used between "jot" and "down." Let me just grab a pen so I can jot that number down. Here, I jotted down some ideas for you.
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jot or tittle

The very smallest detail(s) or amount(s). "Jot," derived from the word for the Greek letter "iota," is a small amount, while a "tittle" is the dot over a lowercase i. Typically used in negative constructions to mean nothing at all. Not a single jot or tittle goes past the eye of the boss without her noticing. Make sure no jot or tittle in this contract is out of place. We can't afford to lose money over some typo or technicality.
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not a jot

Not even a tiny or the smallest amount (of something). I worked all of that overtime and received not a jot of extra cash for my efforts. Look at him—there's not a jot of shame in his eyes for what he's done. A: "Did you get any help on your assignment from the study group?" B: "Not a jot. They were all too busy gossiping."
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jot something down

to make a note of something. This is important. Please jot this down. Jot down this note, please.
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not one/a ˈjot (or ˈtittle)

(informal) not even the smallest amount: There’s not a jot of truth in the story.It seems that his divorce has not affected him one jot.She doesn’t seem to care a jot what I do.
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jot down

To write down something briefly or hastily: The secretary jotted the message down. I jotted down the homework assignment.
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jot or tittle

The slightest change. In the King James version of Matthew 5:18 we read, “For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.” A “jot” was an iota, a very small quantity (we still use the expression “not one iota of truth”); a tittle was a tiny accent mark. Accordingly, to have said “not one jot or tittle” was a very erudite way of refusing to make even the most minor alteration.
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