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jot and tittle

The smallest detail(s). "Jot," derived from the word for the Greek letter "iota," is a small amount, while a "tittle" is the dot over a lowercase i. Make sure every jot and tittle in the contract is perfect. We can't lose money over some typo or technicality.
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not a jot

Not even a tiny or the smallest amount (of something). I worked all of that overtime and received not a jot of extra cash for my efforts. Look at him—there's not a jot of shame in his eyes for what he's done. A: "Did you get any help on your assignment from the study group?" B: "Not a jot. They were all too busy gossiping."
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jot down

To write something down, often in haste. A noun or pronoun can be used between "jot" and "down." Let me just grab a pen so I can jot that number down. Here, I jotted down some ideas for you.
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jot or tittle

The smallest change. "Jot," derived from the word for the Greek letter "iota," is a small amount, while a "tittle" is the dot over a lowercase i. Make sure you run every jot or tittle by the boss first. We can't afford to lose any money on this deal.
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jot something down

to make a note of something. This is important. Please jot this down. Jot down this note, please.
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not one/a ˈjot (or ˈtittle)

(informal) not even the smallest amount: There’s not a jot of truth in the story.It seems that his divorce has not affected him one jot.She doesn’t seem to care a jot what I do.
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jot down

To write down something briefly or hastily: The secretary jotted the message down. I jotted down the homework assignment.
See also: down, jot

jot or tittle

The slightest change. In the King James version of Matthew 5:18 we read, “For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.” A “jot” was an iota, a very small quantity (we still use the expression “not one iota of truth”); a tittle was a tiny accent mark. Accordingly, to have said “not one jot or tittle” was a very erudite way of refusing to make even the most minor alteration.
See also: jot, tittle
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Most people did not expect that the court would consider that issue, according to Jots, because the lower courts rejected the claim, and "no federal court has ever found a condition in a federal funding law to be coercive.
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