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elected As May teeters on the brink, senior Tories are once again jostling for position
I'm He said: "There was a scuffle between both parties following a lot of jostling in the crowd.
"Instead of being rivals and jostling for position, they will be working together in order to make much faster progress in economic development.
Get ready for a fair bit more jostling when they lock horns!
"We always get a little bit of this jostling and people trying to put pressure on to other people.
Difficult to imagine this game will have any lasting effect on the title race, which has become merely a jostling for positions in the procession led by Chelsea.
SOME of the world's top rock and pop acts are jostling to make history by becoming the first to perform at the new Wembley Stadium when it opens next year, according to developers.
One thing that sets this novel apart is that Raboteau's exploration of identity goes beyond "the black and white of it," beyond the biracial context to the human need for visibility and unconditional love and acceptance--as seen, for example, through Uncle Luscious's jostling for recognition in the face of B.J.'s (Emma's father as a boy) achievements, and in Aunt Patty's (Emma's aunt on her mother's side) litany of pain.
The crowd quickly turned into a mob, all jostling for a chance to shoot a friend.
The millions of jostling tourists pouring in and out of Florence's train station each year not only pay for the upkeep of the city's treasures and hospitality industry, they are the reason so many of its clerks, waiters, and guides speak so many languages.
Live had a lengthy criminal record that included 10 arrests since 1973 and convictions for selling drugs, assault, robbery, criminal possession of a weapon, grand larceny, disorderly conduct, jostling and criminal mischief.
In short, he is not the kind of person who usually shies away from a few protest banners, the odd catcall and a bit of "jostling." A far more believable theory is that it is not Mr Brown who is "running scared" - it is the Government.
Similar jostling of small stones across the surface of the ground can play a part in healing damaged desert pavements.
The "domination and appropriation of space," the "production of space" by jostling "collectivities," the "class boundaries" "activated" by printed images and texts, are construed as the elements of a fraught urban environment characterized by "anxiety." The period covered is circa 1580-1660, and individual chapters focus on crises that marked the daily life of Rome: jubilee years, epidemics, and the riotous Sede Vacante during the election of each new pope.
There was pushing and jostling, with the Education Minister being reportedly punched on the arm and having water thrown at her.