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jostle someone around

to push or knock someone around. Please don't jostle me around. Don't jostle around everyone!
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jostle someone aside

to push or nudge someone aside. Poor little Timmy was jostled aside by the crowd every time he got near the entrance. The big kids jostled aside all the little ones.
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jostle with someone

to struggle with someone. Andy jostled with Fred for access to the door. Timmy and Bobby jostled with one another while they were waiting to get in.
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Extend the game to three-letter words, requiring either 1 crash, 2 crashes, or some combination of crashes and jostles.
44) While such purpose was grounded in nature of working-class culture, structural changes in the industrial economy exaggerated the potential for jostles and collisions to turn violent.
Thus, Tsiaras squarely jostles the abstract and figurative back into their traditional roles.
Any force that jostles surface pebbles--the impact of raindrops or the expansion and contraction of clay particles in the soil as they absorb and release moisture, for instance--can make the stones ride up on smaller particles that have recently fallen.
The text that we bump up against, and that jostles and jiggles the actors with their deadpan painted faces, wide eyes and splayed fingers, held, marionettelike, at or above shoulder level, is pure, uncut William Burroughs.
He points out that a single locust going about its daily business of eating and hopping doesn't bump the outside of its rear legs as much as when it jostles around in a crowd.