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jostle around

1. To shake, knock, or rattle against one another within some space. Make sure those bottles are all secured tightly. I don't want them jostling around during transit. We all jostled around in the back of the van as it wound back and forth along the mountain road.
2. To push, knock, or rattle someone or something around. In this usage, a noun or a pronoun can be used between "jostle" and "around." Now, make sure you don't jostle around the stuff inside this container, or it could explode! Various protestors and reporters kept jostling me around as I tried to make my way to the courtroom.
3. To exist in a fleeting, chaotic, or inchoate manner, especially within one's mind. I've had the idea for a novel jostling around in my head for the last couple of years, but I've never sat down to start writing it. Memories of the previous night jostled around in a hungover blur.
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jostle aside

1. To push, shove, or elbow someone to one side. A noun or a pronoun can be used between "jostle" and "aside." Please don't jostle aside the other customers—wait your turn like everyone else. Some jerk kept jostling people aside as he made his way to the front of the crowd.
2. To take by force the prominent position previously held by someone or some group. A noun or a pronoun can be used between "jostle" and "aside." The country has jostled aside the dominant nations over the years to become the most powerful economy in the world. The environment is jostling the jobless rate aside as the topic most hotly debated by campaigning politicians.
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jostle with (someone or something)

1. To struggle, wrestle, or grapple with someone or some group. The bouncer jostled with the unruly customer, eventually managing to throw him out into the alley behind the bar. I hate having to jostle with big crowds, so I usually travel to places in their off season.
2. To compete or contend with someone or some group in order to attain some benefit, advantage, or position. I'd love that promotion, but I know I'll be jostling with about 10 other people in our department to get it. The small kingdom has been jostling with three other nations for control over the region.
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jostle someone around

to push or knock someone around. Please don't jostle me around. Don't jostle around everyone!
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jostle someone aside

to push or nudge someone aside. Poor little Timmy was jostled aside by the crowd every time he got near the entrance. The big kids jostled aside all the little ones.
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jostle with someone

to struggle with someone. Andy jostled with Fred for access to the door. Timmy and Bobby jostled with one another while they were waiting to get in.
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A source close to the family said: "There have been a couple of incidents when Charlotte's been jostled in clubs.
Bruce saw his keeper Maik Taylor jostled by both Duncan Ferguson and Alan Stubbs before the ball dropped invitingly for Rooney to lash home his third goal in four games to ensure Everton's 1-0 win at Goodison Park.
The cultural pipeline from Africa runs direct and rituals survive, seemingly unaffected by a multi-century, transatlantic process that "'mangled pasts,'" and "jostled" cultures before blasting migrants randomly across the New World.
For a few confusing months, the country had two governments as Marc Ravalomanana, who claimed victory in the December election, jostled for power with corrupt despot Didier Ratsirika.
First, second, and third persons are all present, jostled and jostling together, cheek by jowl as it were.
PRINCESS Anne's husband was jeered and jostled on a visit to Faslane last week when angry protesters blocked his mini-bus.
In the near future expect to be jostled on the terraces by a sea of fashionistas adorning the much maligned headgear at a jaunty angle.
A pensioner was jostled by an Asian woman, of medium build with neck- length hair.
The second irritant is the fact that the essays do not appear in chronological order, and readers find themselves jostled from time to time by issues that require a moment's reconsideration.
The lone flight attendant, jostled around in turbulence, had had enough of everybody's attitude and tossed a bottlette of Delta Airlines water at me and continued to the back of the plane.
MG Midgets, Ferraris, Porches and E-type Jaguars jostled with war planes like the Vulcan Bomber for the attention of visitors.
Long-term interest rates climbed, the dollar fell, and the Dow was jostled.
A caricature bust of George Bush smiled benignly at the record breaking crowds that jostled their way past it.
Hundreds jostled for position and even climbed ladders to get a better view of the Asian native bird, which has only been sighted twice before in Britain.
A WOMAN had her purse stolen after she was jostled by a gang of youths in a Huddersfield market.