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jostle someone around

to push or knock someone around. Please don't jostle me around. Don't jostle around everyone!
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jostle someone aside

to push or nudge someone aside. Poor little Timmy was jostled aside by the crowd every time he got near the entrance. The big kids jostled aside all the little ones.
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jostle with someone

to struggle with someone. Andy jostled with Fred for access to the door. Timmy and Bobby jostled with one another while they were waiting to get in.
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The court was told that she was heard to shout: "I'm 32 and nobody's pushing me" as fans jostled to get a good view of Minaj on stage at Balado, near Kinross, in July.
A WOMAN had her purse stolen after she was jostled by a gang of youths in a Huddersfield market.
He then climbed into the simulator, which rattled like a roller coaster and jostled its riders as it dislodged fake furniture.
Insects jostled each other fiercely for the highest-protein choices.
They balk at the idea that God continues to be present in the Catholic Church in the same manner when their own sense of decorum has been jostled.
But the court heard it was anything but when Cowan and mortgage consultant Rowan Gregory, 25, jostled for position during a free kick.
It comes after fears of a kidnap plot and incidents where Charlotte was jostled in public.
Bruce saw his keeper Maik Taylor jostled by both Duncan Ferguson and Alan Stubbs before the ball dropped invitingly for Rooney to lash home his third goal in four games to ensure Everton's 1-0 win at Goodison Park.
These homicides were scripted events, staged to impress observers; the participants strutted and swaggered, jostled and challenged, stabbed and shot, with purpose.
PRINCE ANDREW was jostled by an Iraqi delegation which was buying arms at a trade fair in Jordan, it was reported today.
First, second, and third persons are all present, jostled and jostling together, cheek by jowl as it were.
PRINCESS Anne's husband was jeered and jostled on a visit to Faslane last week when angry protesters blocked his mini-bus.
In the near future expect to be jostled on the terraces by a sea of fashionistas adorning the much maligned headgear at a jaunty angle.