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jostle someone around

to push or knock someone around. Please don't jostle me around. Don't jostle around everyone!
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jostle someone aside

to push or nudge someone aside. Poor little Timmy was jostled aside by the crowd every time he got near the entrance. The big kids jostled aside all the little ones.
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jostle with someone

to struggle with someone. Andy jostled with Fred for access to the door. Timmy and Bobby jostled with one another while they were waiting to get in.
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A source close to the family said: "There have been a couple of incidents when Charlotte's been jostled in clubs.
How often do we not see attackers penalised when the ball is in the air and the keeper is jostled like that.
First, second, and third persons are all present, jostled and jostling together, cheek by jowl as it were.
In the near future expect to be jostled on the terraces by a sea of fashionistas adorning the much maligned headgear at a jaunty angle.
The lone flight attendant, jostled around in turbulence, had had enough of everybody's attitude and tossed a bottlette of Delta Airlines water at me and continued to the back of the plane.
They remember being jostled but do not connect this with a theft.
All pumped up by art, the audience over there jostled one another, roucously snapped cameras, and generally from the spectator's usual passive stance into antic slapstick.
A caricature bust of George Bush smiled benignly at the record breaking crowds that jostled their way past it.
Hundreds jostled for position and even climbed ladders to get a better view of the Asian native bird, which has only been sighted twice before in Britain.
Locals jeered and jostled the three men armed with machetes as they fled a building society with pounds 1,000 in bags after injuring a 61-year-old woman cashier.
Charlotte should not have been jostled to such an extent she fell over.
Also, later underground blasts nearby jostled the rocks and triggered subsidence.
These homicides were scripted events, staged to impress observers; the participants strutted and swaggered, jostled and challenged, stabbed and shot, with purpose.