jostle around

jostle someone around

to push or knock someone around. Please don't jostle me around. Don't jostle around everyone!
See also: around, jostle
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In comparison, the males seemed lost, consumed by frippery and content to jostle around, whooping and high-fiving, oblivious to their female companions' plight.
In comparison, the males seem lost, consumed by frippery and all too content to jostle around, whooping and highfiving, oblivious to the plight of their female companions.
We jostle around our conceptions of the world and the reality to perceive a Universalized idea of art.
A flurry of activity then ensues, with lines forming in front of the two microwaves, the toaster oven being filled with bread to warm, frantic searches for the "real" forks, and many "excuse me's" as we jostle around the table in the center of the room.
Matterhorn Bobsleds (Disneyland) The park's first roller coaster ride, it still feels as if it's a throwback to another era - you bump and jostle around that giant faux mountain, with nary a shock absorber in evidence.