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(I'm) just joshing (you)

I'm only making a joke; I'm only teasing you. A: "What do you think about my new haircut?" B: "Wow, did you get in a fight with a lawnmower and lose? Just joshing—it looks great!" C'mon, I'm just joshin' you—you know that I wouldn't do such a thing! I'm just joshing—don't take everything so seriously!
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josh (one) about (something)

To tease one in a good-humored, bantering manner. I'm just joshing you about your haircut. It actually looks pretty good. They said they were just joshing me about my mistake in class, but it was still pretty annoying.
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josh around

1. To joke or fool around; to banter or exchange good-humored jokes. I know you all like to josh around, but we really need to focus and get this project finished ASAP. I'm sorry, I didn't intend to cause offense. I was only joshing around with you.
2. To tease someone in a good-humored, bantering manner. In this usage, a noun or a pronoun is used between "josh" and "around." The older employees liked to josh me around for my first couple of weeks on the job. You really shouldn't josh the customers around like that. A lot of them don't realize that you're joking.
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tv. & in. to tease someone; to kid someone. Stop joshing. Be serious.
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Bob's current boat - his sixth now - is the Hecla, a 1991, 56-foot-long replica of a 'Josher' - a type named after Josiah Fellows of the Fellows and Morton Fleet of Midlands carriers.
Josher John Howard Al Christopher Stollery Stuey Conrad Coleby Meg Genevieve Lemon Ken Drew Forsythe Jimmy Brendan Cowell Niki Leeanna Walsman Tony McNamara, one of Australia's rising commercial playwrights, follows up his 1997 hit play "The John Wayne Principal" with "The Recruit," a crisply cynical piece about sports, male competitiveness, pop psychology and the cult of celebrity.
The play follows two soccer agents, the attention-craving Josher (John Howard), a loathsome and educationally challenged egomaniac, and his seemingly stupid colleague Al (Christopher Stollery), who descend on the home of the simple but talented young player Stuey (Conrad Coleby) to recruit him for their club.
Josher's fragile ego and Al's submerged rage over his sports career being ruined by an injury (caused by Josher) are well explored.
This gallant old josher has to walk for 12 hours to pick up his miserly pension and has already sold his medal.