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jolt someone out of something

to startle someone out of inertness. The cold water thrown in her face was what it took to jolt Mary out of her deep sleep. At the sound of the telephone, he jolted himself out of his stupor.
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jolt to a start

 and jolt to a stop
to start or stop moving suddenly, causing a jolt. The truck jolted to a stop at the stop sign. The little car jolted to a quick start and threw the passenger back in his seat.
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jolt to a stop

See previous.
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1. n. the degree of potency of the alcohol in liquor. It doesn’t have much of a jolt.
2. n. a drink of strong liquor. He knocked back a jolt and asked for another.
3. n. a portion or dose of a drug. (Drugs.) How about a little jolt as a taste?
4. n. the rush from an injection of drugs. (Drugs.) This stuff doesn’t have much jolt.
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The BED data by size class of employer differ from the JOLTS size-class data in a number of respects: the BED data are available by firm size, not establishment size; the BED data represent net movements in employment of individual firms, whereas the JOLTS data consist of gross flows (hires and separations) from which net employment changes can be derived; and the BED data are derived from the universe of covered employers, whereas the JOLTS data are estimated from a sample of 16,000 establishments.
Five research papers were presented at the JOLTS Symposium.
There is an inverse relationship between cone jolt toughness and friability.
The Stylus Studio group's mission statement is to enhance XML productivity through innovation - Winning the Jolt Productivity Award is thus a particularly meaningful achievement for our entire team", said Robert Evelyn, DataDirect Technologies VP of Strategy and General Manager of XML Product Group.
Seismologists were especially pleased that no large quakes occurred soon after the Bolivian jolt, because that would have drowned out interesting overtones.
If Romanowicz is right, the current spell of strike-slip jolts will soon die down, giving way to a renewed period of great thrust quakes.
In the late hours of June 27 and early the next morning, a set of 22 small tremors appeared in precisely the spot that would soon generate the Landers earthquake, the largest jolt to hit California in 40 years.
The moderate earthquakes that occurred there last week have raised scientists' hopes that a major jolt will shake this rural region before time runs out on the only longterm quake prediction ever sanctioned by the U.
5 or 6 jolts about every 22 years for the last century (though the next one is overdue).
At that same time, similar bursts of perceptible jolts and microquakes started at a dozen other sites in the western United States, including Mt.
So by the reckoning of most experts, Santa Cruz should remain free of any large jolts for quite some time.
The work supports geologic findings along the coastline suggesting the region has experienced extremely large jolts in the past (SN: 2/17/90, p.