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jolt someone out of something

to startle someone out of inertness. The cold water thrown in her face was what it took to jolt Mary out of her deep sleep. At the sound of the telephone, he jolted himself out of his stupor.
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jolt to a start

 and jolt to a stop
to start or stop moving suddenly, causing a jolt. The truck jolted to a stop at the stop sign. The little car jolted to a quick start and threw the passenger back in his seat.
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jolt to a stop

See previous.
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1. n. the degree of potency of the alcohol in liquor. It doesn’t have much of a jolt.
2. n. a drink of strong liquor. He knocked back a jolt and asked for another.
3. n. a portion or dose of a drug. (Drugs.) How about a little jolt as a taste?
4. n. the rush from an injection of drugs. (Drugs.) This stuff doesn’t have much jolt.
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8 and 5, jolted Hokkaido Prefecture, injuring 230 people.
6 and 6, jolted Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture, killing three.
4 and lower 6, jolted Izu islands off Shizuoka Prefecture, killing one person.
3 and upper 6, jolted Tottori Prefecture, injuring more than 50 people.
7 and lower 6, jolted Hiroshima Prefecture, killing two people.
The area had on Saturday been jolted by a strong quake in which over 300 people had been killed.
The islands have been jolted by seismic activity since late June.
NAWABSHAH -- At least two persons lost their lives while more than 40 recieved injuries when earthquake jolted Nawabshah and its surroundings early in the morning on Friday.
52 pm jolted widespread areas of Punjab and upper areas of the country including Federal Capital.
According to metrological office, those areas jolted by tremors included Lanhdi, Korangi, Malir, Shah Faisal Colony, Shahrah-e-Faisal and others.