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jolt someone out of something

to startle someone out of inertness. The cold water thrown in her face was what it took to jolt Mary out of her deep sleep. At the sound of the telephone, he jolted himself out of his stupor.
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jolt to a start

 and jolt to a stop
to start or stop moving suddenly, causing a jolt. The truck jolted to a stop at the stop sign. The little car jolted to a quick start and threw the passenger back in his seat.
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jolt to a stop

See previous.
See also: jolt, stop


1. n. the degree of potency of the alcohol in liquor. It doesn’t have much of a jolt.
2. n. a drink of strong liquor. He knocked back a jolt and asked for another.
3. n. a portion or dose of a drug. (Drugs.) How about a little jolt as a taste?
4. n. the rush from an injection of drugs. (Drugs.) This stuff doesn’t have much jolt.
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The number of jolts before specimen failure is recorded as cone jolt toughness.
She isolated the strike-slip quakes because even the largest of these jolts pales in comparison to great thrust quakes, which break the crust diagonally and involve more surface area than do strikeslip shocks.
A cone jolt toughness tester measures the relative brittleness of the compacted sand, providing information quite different from compressive or tensile strength properties.
The injections ease chronic neck pain and headaches caused by her relentless jolts.
Java Jolt marketing manager Jenny Taylor-Gallagher said: "There are only a handful of eateries in the Dubai Silicon Oasis area and we wanted to provide something different for the people who work and live in the area.
What started out as an engineering lab project at MIT has developed into a proposed solution seeking crowd-funding, called Jolt Sensor.
Jolt Construction is located in Big Lake and specializes in highway sign manufacturing and installation, traffic control and maintenance, and hydro-seeding.
Dobb's Jolt Productivity Award in the Best Testing Tools category.
Georgiev told journalists that teams of police officers and firefighters had been dispatched to the areas where the jolt had been felt strongest to prevent tensions.
If you are interested in any of the above, then the first task might be to visit a JOLT centre.
a market leader in enterprise application security solutions, has announced its award-winning application shield has been named a 2008 Jolt Awards finalist in the Best Security Tools categaory.