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get (one's) jollies

To seek out, indulge in, or enjoy something fun or pleasurable. The term usually hints at a certain degree of perverse satisfaction. Primarily heard in UK. The restless teenagers got their jollies by throwing rocks at passing cars.
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jolly (someone) along

To encourage someone (to do something), especially in a positive, cheerful manner. I was getting disheartened writing my first novel, but my husband jollied me along to finish it.
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jolly (someone) into (doing) (something)

To persuade or encourage someone to do something, especially in a positive, cheerful manner. I was getting disheartened writing my first novel, but my husband jollied me into finishing it. I'd been feeling pretty low after my breakup with Tina, so I'm glad my friends jollied me into a weekend away in Los Vegas.
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jolly (someone) up

To make (someone) happier or more cheerful; to cheer (someone) up. My mom tried jollying us up by taking us out for pizza after our team lost the championship. After his divorce, we all thought Ted could do with some jollying up.
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be jolly hockey sticks

To act or speak in an enthusiastic but disingenuous or irritating way, especially when one is of a high social class. Lady Cartwright is always jolly hockey sticks, so I don't trust a word she says. I don't have the patience to be around people who are jolly hockey sticks all the time.
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jolly ˈgood!

(old-fashioned, British English, spoken) used to show that you approve of something that somebody has just said: So you and Alan are going away for the weekend, are you? Jolly good.
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ˈjolly well

(old-fashioned, British English) used to emphasize a statement when you are annoyed about something: If you don’t come now, you can jolly well walk home!
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n. a charge or thrill; a sexual thrill; kick. He got his jollies from skin flicks.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated; tipsy. Kelly was a little too jolly, and her sister told her to slow down.


mod. certainly. You jolly-well better be there on time.
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Councillor John Byford said: "They have every right to get their message across but they shouldn't be using Jolly.
Working with other scientists and government officials, Jolly helped outline, implement and monitor a comprehensive conservation program.
JOLLY TIME is proud to be a family-owned company that is also family-centric," said Garry Smith, president and fourth generation member of the Smith family to lead JOLLY TIME Pop Corn.
The 5-foot-8, 165-pound Jolly sealed the victory by intercepting Leicester junior quarterback Nick Makie in the end zone with 14 seconds left as the Woolies held on for a 24-21 win in the opener for both teams.
With Die Sprachwissenschaft, and, in the same year, another volume, Schulgrammatik und Sprach-wissenschaft, subtitled Studien uber die Neugestaltung des grammatischen Unterrichts nach den Ergebnissen und der Methode der vergleichenden Sprachwissenschaft, in which Jolly argued that a knowledge of Indo-European linguistics was beneficial to a broader audience than those who made it the object of their study, and, therefore, ought also to be taught outside the universities, his linguistic publications came to an abrupt end.
Pat Glass MP said: "Pubs like the Jolly Drovers are an important part of our local community, with the creation of 30 local jobs and use of local businesses and suppliers to source their produce.
STANDINGS Division One: 1st The Royal (played) 22 (points) 55, 2nd Thornaby Jolly Farmers 22/52, 3rd Stockton West End 21/44, 4th Layfield Arms 21/42, 5th Port Clarence 22/30, 6th Grangefield Park 22/29, 7th Billingham The Merlin 22/28, 8th Billingham Cowpen Club 22/26, 9th Thornaby Oddfellows 22/26, 10th Billingham Low Grange 22/22, 11th Billingham The Kings22/14, 12th Malleable 22/9.
Then on 59 minutes up popped Goddard to get his second try, Jolly potting the extras.
Earlier today, Jolly appeared before NCW and said that he had no personal agenda against Choudhury, and added that he had no intention to harass or intimidate her.
Flo and Jolly moved from Jamaica as teenagers in 1965 before meeting and marrying in Birmingham.
Their creativity in developing the solution within the budget constraint is very impressive,” said CEO of Jolly Lama Creations
Brock Jolly, CFP, CLU, ChFC, CLTC, CASL, for one, would like to change that.
THE small- budget courtroom drama, Jolly LLB , is turning out to be hit and a profitable venture for its makers.
But in the war on cancer, Norma Jolly is, indeed, a quiet hero.
Married dad-of-two Kenneth Jolly, 54, picked up streetwalkers in Dundee then drove them to a caravan on the outskirts of the city.