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(jolly) good show

A phrase of approval said to someone after they have done something. Primarily heard in UK. Jolly good show, Reginald! You did a fine job on the piano.
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(one's) jollies

1. slang One's amusement, enjoyment, or pleasure. Often used in reference to some degree of perverse satisfaction. Used especially in the phrase "get one's jollies." The restless teenagers got their jollies by throwing rocks at passing cars. My job is incredibly dull, so I get my jollies by messing with customers in really subtle ways.
2. slang A period of time that one devotes to pleasure, relaxation, or excitement, especially while traveling; one's vacation or holiday. Primarily heard in UK. A: "So, where are you going for your jollies this year?" B: "We were thinking of going to the States, but it's just too much money. We'll probably just go to Spain again." We spent nearly 30 hours stuck in the airport waiting for our connecting flight. What a crappy way to start our jollies.
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be jolly hockey sticks

To act or speak in an enthusiastic but disingenuous or irritating way, especially when one is of a high social class. Lady Cartwright is always jolly hockey sticks, so I don't trust a word she says. I don't have the patience to be around people who are jolly hockey sticks all the time.
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get (one's) jollies

To seek out, indulge in, or enjoy something fun or pleasurable. The term usually hints at a certain degree of perverse satisfaction. The restless teenagers got their jollies by throwing rocks at passing cars.
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jolly (one) along

To encourage one (to do something), especially in a positive, cheerful manner. I was getting disheartened writing my first novel, but my husband jollied me along to finish it.
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jolly (someone) into (doing) (something)

To persuade or encourage someone to do something, especially in a positive, cheerful manner. I was getting disheartened writing my first novel, but my husband jollied me into finishing it. I'd been feeling pretty low after my breakup with Tina, so I'm glad my friends jollied me into a weekend away in Los Vegas.
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jolly (someone) up

To make (someone) happier or more cheerful; to cheer (someone) up. My mom tried jollying us up by taking us out for pizza after our team lost the championship. After his divorce, we all thought Ted could do with some jollying up.
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jolly good

Excellent; well done; I approve. Sometimes hyphenated if used as a modifier before a noun. Primarily heard in UK. A: "I'll be moving to London in the autumn to start my university course." B: "Jolly good! You're parents would be so proud." A: "I'm going to reboot the system now so it can install the updates." B: "Jolly good. Let's go get some lunch while we wait for it to come back online." We all had a jolly good time picking blackberries at her grandfather's estate.
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jolly well

Used before a verb to emphasize that the speaker is upset, angry, or irritated. Primarily heard in UK. You jolly well knew that I have trouble trusting people, and yet you deliberately deceived me! If that's your attitude, then you can jolly well look for another job.
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jolly ˈgood!

(old-fashioned, British English, spoken) used to show that you approve of something that somebody has just said: So you and Alan are going away for the weekend, are you? Jolly good.
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ˈjolly well

(old-fashioned, British English) used to emphasize a statement when you are annoyed about something: If you don’t come now, you can jolly well walk home!
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n. a charge or thrill; a sexual thrill; kick. He got his jollies from skin flicks.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated; tipsy. Kelly was a little too jolly, and her sister told her to slow down.


mod. certainly. You jolly-well better be there on time.
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