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get (one's) jollies

To seek out, indulge in, or enjoy something fun or pleasurable. The term usually hints at a certain degree of perverse satisfaction. Primarily heard in UK. The restless teenagers got their jollies by throwing rocks at passing cars.
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jolly (someone) along

To encourage someone (to do something), especially in a positive, cheerful manner. I was getting disheartened writing my first novel, but my husband jollied me along to finish it.
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jolly (someone) into (doing) (something)

To persuade or encourage someone to do something, especially in a positive, cheerful manner. I was getting disheartened writing my first novel, but my husband jollied me into finishing it. I'd been feeling pretty low after my breakup with Tina, so I'm glad my friends jollied me into a weekend away in Los Vegas.
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jolly (someone) up

To make (someone) happier or more cheerful; to cheer (someone) up. My mom tried jollying us up by taking us out for pizza after our team lost the championship. After his divorce, we all thought Ted could do with some jollying up.
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be jolly hockey sticks

To act or speak in an enthusiastic but disingenuous or irritating way, especially when one is of a high social class. Lady Cartwright is always jolly hockey sticks, so I don't trust a word she says. I don't have the patience to be around people who are jolly hockey sticks all the time.
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jolly ˈgood!

(old-fashioned, British English, spoken) used to show that you approve of something that somebody has just said: So you and Alan are going away for the weekend, are you? Jolly good.
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ˈjolly well

(old-fashioned, British English) used to emphasize a statement when you are annoyed about something: If you don’t come now, you can jolly well walk home!
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n. a charge or thrill; a sexual thrill; kick. He got his jollies from skin flicks.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated; tipsy. Kelly was a little too jolly, and her sister told her to slow down.


mod. certainly. You jolly-well better be there on time.
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CORRIE is usually a much jollier place to spend Christmas than Albert Square, although there was the year Ken tried to commit suicide.
We have been friends ever since," he continues, "and a jollier friend no man could ever hope to have.
This year's party should be an altogether jollier affair, particularly if there is justification behind indications that, compared to some of racing's other big events, this festival is set to prove relatively impervious to the economic downturn.
He is at his most soft-tongued and honeyed on the ballad Save Your Love For Me, but mostly he is in jollier spirits at mid to sprightly tempi.
The Ministry of Happiness is clearly falling short of the mark, so I have thought up a few plans which might help us catch up our jollier 50s counterparts.
I've mentioned before how much I love pirate films but there hasn't been a jollier roger of a movie than this for many a year.
Though restricted by their formal costumes, which clearly amuse them, they are jollier and less constrained than the children in Bronzino's comparable portraits.
Everyone was jollier, happier and seemed more upbeat.
It's like we suddenly become happier, jollier and more glamorous versions of ourselves.
In fact, despite Ma Nature spitting her worst at us, it's getting jollier by the minute.
Plan for Christmas 2010 now: You may not be able to think ahead to January, let alone Christmas 2010 - but if you are able to take advantage of post-Christmas sales on items such as decorations, you (and your budget) will be in a jollier mood when Santa visits next year.
Pauline Daniels, who will return to the theatre as Shirley Valentine next month, played the jollier Elsie as an archetypal Liverpudlian matriarch equally as quick with a kind word as a sharp quip.
The jolly atmosphere became even jollier when the pubs turned out at 2pm.
The collective mindset of punters will be even jollier if Quiet Times sticks to his end of the deal in the Pontin's Book Early And Save Selling Stakes.
After the Second World War it continued to thrive and entertainers included Roy Castle, Ronnie Corbett and Des O'Connor, who were a lot jollier than George Bernard Shaw.