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a joke

An object of ridicule, contempt, or dismissal, especially due to being inadequate, defective, or not genuine. Their customer service is a total joke. I was on the phone for nearly two hours just to be told that they couldn't identify the problem and wouldn't help me any further. I spent nearly $800 on this phone, and it stopped working after just a month. What a joke! Their offense would be pretty formidable if their quarterback weren't such a joke.
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a practical joke

A mischievous trick typically involving some physical action or object intended to make someone look or feel foolish. We hid a rubber snake in the fridge as a practical joke so that it would scare Mom or Dad when they went in for something to eat. We were going to play a practical joke on David, but he noticed our car parked out front—that ruined it. It turns out that the supposed alien visitors that people had been seeing were just a bunch of teenagers playing a practical joke.
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joke (with someone) (about someone or something)

to quip with someone about someone or something; to make verbal fun with someone about someone or something. I was joking with Tom about the performance. I joked about Andy with Fran.
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tv. to tease someone; to make fun of someone. Everybody was joking my roommate because of her accent.
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Cannot repeat what he jokingly grumbled after his grilling but think John Major and rebels.
Throughout her education, Harris remained involved in the program she jokingly calls "Prep for Life." She worked as an adviser to Prep students, helping to ease their transition into boarding school by sharing her experiences.
Although now she does say she is embarrassed by all the attention she is getting from media outlets and has jokingly threatened to start going out in disguise.
we love it when people say, 'Hey, that sounds like Sabbath!' People who pigeonhole us as hardcore--that's their loss." He adds jokingly, "Brian sometimes yells at me, 'We're a ska band!'"
Operating on what is jokingly known as "Ecuadorian time," people in South American nation habitually arrive 15 to 30 minutes late to social events and business meetings.
Mayor Glenn Murray jokingly suggests traditional activities that take place in darkened movie theatres to help the audience preserve their precious body heat.
All you need to compile an anthology is a pair of scissors and a pot of glue, Richard Wright once jokingly remarked.
I jokingly said to Gifford, "Why don't we just tear it down and rebuild from scratch?" This he did, at a cost of $2 million more than the original projection, but it got him what he wanted: a more modern, more functional building.
Both companies are U.S.-based, and FWFN band manager Mike Pelltier jokingly says, "The Yankees must think we are doing something right."
CTK quoted Zeman as jokingly telling reporters that he was sure the mail from Japan did not contain any geisha.
A male passenger on an international flight leaving Kansai airport Wednesday ''jokingly'' told a female friend by mobile phone that the plane was being hijacked, sparking a hijacking scare, police said.
Stephen Donnelly, 45, was brought up in Glasgow's tough Castlemilk scheme, which Scots often jokingly refer to in French as Chateau de Lait.
He jokingly suggested that the focus of research is to produce findings that benefit publishing companies, grant-funding agencies and academic departments, "and, incidentally, keeps researchers employed." The most important need is to "scale up" experimental findings to the real world.
ABC News "Nightline" anchor Ted Koppel jokingly responding to Diane Sawyer's comment that $5 million, the amount originally awarded Food Lion by a jury in its case against ABC News, is a lot of money: "Well, it is to ABC, not to you personally."
Those who have jokingly proposed adding Viagra to the water supply now have medical evidence to back up their recommendation.