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Fergie, who's a minority owner of the team, later jokingly threatened to divorce Duhamel unless he yelled "Go Dolphins" during a Q and A at the event with "Today" show.
London, Nov 20 (ANI): Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin has jokingly described his onscreen kiss with Jennifer Aniston on the hit American show '30 Rock' as "painful".
In fact, he was upset when someone jokingly told him a Mets' rainout over the weekend would ruin the matchup.
Peter] Camejo continues to hold his socialist beliefs, jokingly calling himself a 'watermelon--green on the outside, red on the inside.
During that time, Roberts' friends often threw towels at her as she jokingly signed off each show with ".
In a December interview, he jokingly remarked, "Well, at least I know how much I'm worth," when speaking in regards to the seven-figure medical debt he had managed to accumulate in two months' time.
Cannes ponders Von Trier's expulsion after he jokingly told reporters he was a Nazi who sympathised with Hitler.
Martin wound up with a large cut under his nose that he jokingly referred to as ``my mustache,'' but otherwise was unhurt.
The editor of Anti-Gay, a book that caused a firestorm of controversy in the United Kingdom when it was published in 1996, Simpson has the distinction of being both hated and respected (in Queen he jokingly worries that the book, meant to burn bridges, instead ignited a new brand of gay lifestyle).
While many jokingly refer to it as a Contract on America, it's no laughing matter for the nation's 367 black mayors, who are struggling with already strained budgets.
Strobel says some researchers have jokingly used the term "ignorosphere" to describe the mesosphere and the lower portion of the thermosphere, which are too high for research balloons and too low for satellites to study.
Ponti said that more money should be raised for children's causes in such great events as Imagine 2004, and then jokingly, "but also to fund orchestras.
A Cockney who grew up "always well-adjusted, with never any confusion" about his own homosexuality, the 38-year-old choreographer jokingly wonders where he got his love of angst.
She was at the Oscars to introduce Dolly Parton, who jokingly deemed herself the ``Southern belle of the ball'' as she made her way to the door of the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.