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In 1993, New York State legislator Earlene Hill was able to cause a furor by revealing that a few years earlier, a male colleague had failed to move to let her get to her seat and jocularly invited her to climb over his legs, while another had said "sex" instead of "six" while reeling off numbers in a speech and then joked, "Whenever I think of Earlene, I think of sex.
These managers are listed as the people who are least often joked with and also least often joked about by others.
I see a lot of new faces, especially on the old faces,'' Carson joked in a clip from 1979.
So I heard that the guy came into the theater about 25 minutes into the movie," Cook joked.
At one point, Parton joked that some of the men in the crowd looked better than she did.
Maybe they'll grow up and be a comedy duo and I can retire,'' she joked after the event.