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Don't tease so,' said Alice, looking about in vain to see where the voice came from; 'if you're so anxious to have a joke made, why don't you make one yourself?
You shouldn't make jokes,' Alice said, 'if it makes you so unhappy.
he thought, and straightway he bounced towards the bell, and was for retreating, as we have seen, when his father's jokes and his mother's entreaties caused him to pause and stay where he was.
Stepan Arkadyevitch was telling his sister-in-law his joke about divorce.
But as I don't wish to raise your expectations and then disappoint them, I will take leave to warn you here--before we go any further-- that you won't find the ghost of a joke in our conversation on the subject of the jugglers.
Though it's other people must see the joke in a niece's putting a slight on her mother's eldest sister, as is the head o' the family; and only coming in and out on short visits, all the time she's been in the town, and then settling to go away without my knowledge,--as I'd laid caps out on purpose for her to make 'em up for me,--and me as have divided my money so equal "
He thought the jokes vulgar and the melodies obvious; it seemed to him that they did these things much better in France; but Mildred enjoyed herself thoroughly; she laughed till her sides ached, looking at Philip now and then when something tickled her to exchange a glance of pleasure; and she applauded rapturously.
Her phrases, so bald and few, constantly repeated, showed the emptiness of her mind; he recalled her vulgar little laugh at the jokes of the musical comedy; and he remembered the little finger carefully extended when she held her glass to her mouth; her manners like her conversation, were odiously genteel.
Just to show you, I wrote half a dozen jokes last night for the comic weeklies; and just as I was going to bed, the thought struck me to try my hand at a triolet - a humorous one; and inside an hour I had written four.
I want the man I love and honor to be something finer and higher than a perpetrator of jokes and doggerel.
But to save me I can't see any difference between writing jokes or comic verse and running a type- writer, taking dictation, or keeping sets of books.
Tom Heyes sold copies of the joke book, raising a total of PS840 which he split between two good causes.
People of all beliefs are invited to submit a written joke or a short video of themselves telling a joke at www.
Once we had someone who sent a message to his friend claiming he was part of an organisation or illegal group in the UAE just to scare him for a joke," an official said.
Seriously Funny: Mexican Political Jokes as Social Resistance.