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Valves, air cylinders, regulators, and slide friction may influence the joining velocity and will cause inconsistencies in the welding process.
If she had asked for a copy of the club's reading list before joining, Hart would have known that the majority of the titles were heavy hitters.
Prior to joining Aries Deitch & Endelson, he served as executive vice president of American Continental Properties.
Norwegian company specializes in spin and rotational welding equipment for joining sockets and connectors to PE, PP, and PVC sewer and drainage pipe.
Prior to joining Stein White Nelligan, White served as a producer and information architect for Plumb Design.
BASF claims that collar joining provides advantages over other means of plastic-metal joining.
Prior to joining AKAM Associates, Fingerman worked as the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development.
as chief legal counsel before joining Blue Cross in 1993.
laser welding appears likely to evolve into a joining method for niche applications where it offers cost or performance benefits over proven alternatives like ultrasonic, vibration, and hot-plate welding.
Since joining the firm in 1996, La cancellera has undertaken such projects as the acquisition of 750 Seventh Ave.
Prior to joining Fitch, Anthony was a Senior Associate of Health Industries Advisory with PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP in Chicago.
Prior to joining Rockwood Realty, Gilbert Solomon served as vice president of business development at Save the Date, Inc.
Prior to joining IXIS, he spent nine years as a principal and senior vice president in developing and implementing turnkey fee-based asset management programs for FundQuest, Incorporated.
Prior to joining Insignia/ESG, she served as a sales associate with the commercial and land division of Century 21 Worden & Green.