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979-983) And the daughter of Ocean, Callirrhoe was joined in the love of rich Aphrodite with stout hearted Chrysaor and bare a son who was the strongest of all men, Geryones, whom mighty Heracles killed in sea-girt Erythea for the sake of his shambling oxen.
1008-1010) And Cytherea with the beautiful crown was joined in sweet love with the hero Anchises and bare Aeneas on the peaks of Ida with its many wooded glens.
1017-1018) And the bright goddess Calypso was joined to Odysseus in sweet love, and bare him Nausithous and Nausinous.
Alicia Morrison has joined Group Benefit Services of Little Rock as a retirement plan analyst.
Christine DiFabio joined FEI as Director of Technical Activities, reporting to Vice President Dean Krogman in Morristown.
Claus joined USAA Investments in 1994 as vice president of investment sales and service, overseeing the combination of mutual funds and brokerage services.
in industrial management from Ohio State University in 1965, he joined the Air Force and did a tour of duty in Vietnam.
Yvan Michaud and Deirdre Carberry have joined Columbia City Ballet as ballet master and ballet mistress....
He joined TEI in 1982 and is also a member of the Federal Bar Association, Association of Life Insurance Counsel, American Corporate Counsel Association, and the American Bar Association and New York State Bar Association Tax Sections.
She started in commercial real estate sales four years ago and joined Eastern Consolidated two and a half years ago, and survived the first year by working literally seven days a week at two jobs.
She joined the Board in 1983 and was employed in the Division of Information Technology.
"Buck" Hasenmueller joined American International Machinery as Midwest regional sales representative.
Sachs has joined Los Angeles-based Good Swartz Brown & Berns as partner, Melissa A.