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979-983) And the daughter of Ocean, Callirrhoe was joined in the love of rich Aphrodite with stout hearted Chrysaor and bare a son who was the strongest of all men, Geryones, whom mighty Heracles killed in sea-girt Erythea for the sake of his shambling oxen.
1008-1010) And Cytherea with the beautiful crown was joined in sweet love with the hero Anchises and bare Aeneas on the peaks of Ida with its many wooded glens.
1017-1018) And the bright goddess Calypso was joined to Odysseus in sweet love, and bare him Nausithous and Nausinous.
1 : to come into the company of <She joined me in the dining room.
The Chief Executives of the eight existing oneworld partners - American Airlines, British Airways, Qantas, Cathay Pacific, Iberia, LAN, Finnair and Aer Lingus - were joined for the first time by their counterparts at JAL and the other two members elect Malev and Royal Jordanian.
Holsworth joined Leibowitz Shumaker Berger & Rubens LLP as an audit and assurance partner .
This is a true indication of the actual melt flow as the parts are joined.
Mindy Sherwood has joined the firm as the new Public Relations Manager.
She joined the Board in 1983 and was employed in the Division of Information Technology.
Commander joined Bayer in 1990 in the Rubber Division of Bayer.
turned pro in 1962; joined PGA Tour in 1965 and played in 14 events, earning less than $12,000 before losing his sponsorship and dropping off the tour.
And speaking of cooling, because ultrasonic welding is a comparatively low-heat process, there isn't a heat-affected zone that affects the mechanical properties of the joined materials.
Before long, Bishop realized that she'd joined the wrong reading group and dreaded the meetings.
After playing a recurring role last season where she and Josh (Bradley Whitford) circled and smooched one another, Mary-Louise Parker joins ``The West Wing'' cast full time, joined by Lily Tomlin, who plays President Bartlett's new secretary.