join together

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join (something and something else) together

to connect or unite things. We joined the pipe and the hose together. He joined together all the blue wires and the red ones.
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please join together with us to create a unique national moment for the United Kingdom and e Royal British Legion.
On better ground Jacob is hopeful Join Together - a best-priced 20-1 - can go close to emulating Neptune Collonges.
Conversely, testing conditions would most likely bring out the best in Join Together, who showed his liking for the Aintree fences when a strong-finishing second in the Becher Chase in December.
No doubt another reason why Join Together hasn't been seen since was to preserve his chasing mark until after the National weights were published when subsequent winners escape any penalties.
Will have entry in Grand National with Tidal Bay and Join Together," Nicholls said on Twitter.
Put into the RSA Chase at the Festival, Join Together was pulled up behind Bobs Worth and was disappointing at Grade 2 level at Aintree.
To launch its All Join Together campaign the charity is encouraging women to be breast aware and to make positive changes to their lifestyles to reduce the risk of getting breast cancer.
Roxanne Pallett, pictured right, who plays Jo Stiles in Emmerdale, said: "Cancer Research UK's All Join Together campaign is a great way to show that whatever walk of life you come from, you can unite together and create support and understanding to help women with breast cancer.
By supporting Cancer Research UK's All Join Together campaign you can make a real difference and help beat this disease.
The Coombe Abbey Amble is taking place on Sunday, October 8, as part of the All Join Together campaign.
During development, tissues normally join together to form the skin that separates the mouth and nose.
There has always been a desire in the church to join together to help each other live the faith more fully and to see how people have desired this type of spiritual walk for many years.
Praying: The Rituals Of Faith focuses on public, family, and personal worship, with an insightful discussion of how different faith may become more apt to join together for a collective service or prayer, thus enhancing the relationship and practice as an enlightening and educating experience.
16--NAIOP, ULI and Pace University join together for a timely and thought provoking program on the controversial topic of Eminent Domain the power of government to take private property for "public use" without the owners consent, with a program entitled "Property Taking in the 21 Century--Finding Balance in Rebuilding American Cities.
These headlines misleadingly imply that the research involved women when it actually involved mice, and both the original story and the Join Together summary failed to mention that this animal research may have little if any bearing on the health outcome of humans prenatally exposed to methamphetamines .