join together

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join (something and something else) together

to connect or unite things. We joined the pipe and the hose together. He joined together all the blue wires and the red ones.
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References in classic literature ?
For," says he, "I am sure we ought to sentence them to the gallows;" and with that he gives an account how Will Atkins, one of the three, had proposed to have all the five Englishmen join together and murder all the Spaniards when they were in their sleep.
They seemed to join together in their effort to extract the greatest possible amount of suffering from him.
There has always been a desire in the church to join together to help each other live the faith more fully and to see how people have desired this type of spiritual walk for many years.
Praying: The Rituals Of Faith focuses on public, family, and personal worship, with an insightful discussion of how different faith may become more apt to join together for a collective service or prayer, thus enhancing the relationship and practice as an enlightening and educating experience.
If we can join together as a coalition of unions, of producers, of all of the people involved in the entertainment industry and the ancillary businesses like dry cleaners, car rentals and hotels, we can get the attention that we need and get this legislation passed.
For if the people of this community truly want to make things better, they have the power to join together to achieve it, to create government institutions that do respond to them and to make life better for themselves and their neighbors.
Boateng and First Presbyterian's Reverend Jerry Andrews are working to expand this effort, helping others to join together to help transform the world one African and American community at a time.
Signing Carlos Santana is an emotional experience for me as we join together after a long hiatus,'' Davis said.
The agreement calls for DMB/Highlands, Mountain Area Preservation Foundation, and Sierra Watch to join together to manage a new conveyance fee, which the county hopes to convert to a public financing tool, that will be imposed on the sale and resale of homes and home sites at Siller Ranch.
BNG America, Envirocare of Utah, and Scientech D&D Will Join Together as EnergySolutions to Focus on Decommissioning and Decontamination, Spent Fuel Handling, Transportation, High Level Waste Management and Disposal of Nuclear Waste
Approximately 100 American craft breweries from 35 different states join together in celebrating the 300th birthday of Benjamin Franklin this month.
In his role Chris will be responsible for developing the engine that will enable state and local governmental entities to join together to achieve significant savings on their purchase of large ticket items such as police cars, garbage trucks, transit buses and railcars, water treatment chemicals, motor fuels, school buses, homeland security needs, etc.
But what is exciting about today is we have a chance to join together with other wine growing regions to take that message on to the world stage.
Arbor's intent is to have global service providers join together to combat these cyber threats and protect the overall infrastructure of the Internet.