join the club

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join the club

An expression used when two people have something unpleasant in common. Yeah, join the club—I hardly got any sleep night either.
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Join the club!

Inf. an expression indicating that the person spoken to is in the same, or a similar, unfortunate state as the speaker. You don't have anyplace to stay? Join the club! Neither do we. Did you get fired too? Join the club!
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join the club

A phrase used to express sympathy for a common experience. For example, You waited three hours for the doctor? Join the club! [c. 1940]
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join the club


welcome to the club

You say join the club or welcome to the club when someone has been telling you about their problems or feelings, and you want to show that you have had the same problems or feel the same way. Tory MP, Andrew Smith, confesses he doesn't entirely understand the issue. Join the club, Andrew. You feel exhausted? Welcome to the club.
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join (or welcome to) the club

used as a humorous exclamation to express solidarity with someone else who is experiencing problems or difficulties that the speaker has already experienced.
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join the ˈclub

said as a reply to somebody who tells you their bad news when you are or have been in the same situation yourself; an expression of sympathy: ‘I failed the exam again!’ ‘Join the club! Pete, Sarah and I have as well, so don’t worry!’
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Join the club

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Not only will they not be able to join the club, but many in the area believe the picturesque Old Head Of Kinsale is being spoiled by the major new development.
The 25-year-old former England Saxons player will join the club for the duration of the Rugby World Cup, subject to a medical.
If you want to join the club, phone Lorraine on 0113 2799382.
Boro negotiated first option on the former Leeds and Newcastle defender when they set up the loan move and have since been working to persuade Woodgate to join the club he supported as a boy.
There they were joined by club members both past and present - including some who were amongst the first to join the club in 1946.
Ochoa will join the club today in Anaheim before tonight's game against the Yankees.
In every city, he could invite fans to join the club for an opportunity to win an all expense paid weekend with him.
Club members are encouraged to share the fun of the Blizzard Fan Club with their friends and invite them to join the club.
9 percent last year, which experts said isn't too bad considering the market, they said they didn't join the club as a get-rich-quick-scheme but for long-term investment and rewards.
For additional information or to join the club, visit the website or call 866-401-7998.
The two hope other seniors join the club for the afternoon matches, and say new members are welcome to simply show up.
Martha Stewart is more a victim of her own inflated ego and narcissism, and with her possible indictment today resulting from her controversial sale of ImClone stock, Stewart will join the club of superstar prosecutions, which initially make a big splash but result in much less substance," according to media commentator and psychologist Robert R.
The plan coming out of spring training was to have outfielder Geronimo Berroa join the club at some juncture during the upcoming three-game series in New York.
Now, other nuclear nations such as Pakistan, India, North Korea - and those trying to join the club, primarily Iran and Iraq - have been given a green light to continue or begin testing, no matter how stridently Clinton says the United States will abide by the treaty's terms and pledge to seek its ratification at a later date.