join the club

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join the club

An expression used when two people have something unpleasant in common. Yeah, join the club—I hardly got any sleep night either.
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Join the club!

Inf. an expression indicating that the person spoken to is in the same, or a similar, unfortunate state as the speaker. You don't have anyplace to stay? Join the club! Neither do we. Did you get fired too? Join the club!
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join the club

A phrase used to express sympathy for a common experience. For example, You waited three hours for the doctor? Join the club! [c. 1940]
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join the club


welcome to the club

You say join the club or welcome to the club when someone has been telling you about their problems or feelings, and you want to show that you have had the same problems or feel the same way. Tory MP, Andrew Smith, confesses he doesn't entirely understand the issue. Join the club, Andrew. You feel exhausted? Welcome to the club.
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join (or welcome to) the club

used as a humorous exclamation to express solidarity with someone else who is experiencing problems or difficulties that the speaker has already experienced.
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join the ˈclub

said as a reply to somebody who tells you their bad news when you are or have been in the same situation yourself; an expression of sympathy: ‘I failed the exam again!’ ‘Join the club! Pete, Sarah and I have as well, so don’t worry!’
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Join the club

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The 24-year- old is available on a free transfer and is due to undergo a medical at Thorp Arch later this week, after which he is expected to join the club.
Not content with spending pounds 111 million of his personal wealth on players, he has now persuaded Kenyon to join the club.
At school, she longs to join the Club, a group of rebellious girls, and she attracts the attention of Slade, a handsome ninth-grader with a dangerous reputation.
Late in 2001, the West Virginia school barred 15-year-old Katie Sierra from starting an Anarchy Club, then suspended her for three days when she leafleted students to join the club anyway.
However, after we'd suffered some major frustrations, Dad decided to join the club, and right away we received plenty of advice -- and much more.
So join the club and check out today's dazzling flower offers and top-quality competition prize.
It gives nonnuclear countries and near-nuclear countries a strong incentive to join the club. And, above all, it further antagonizes the nationalists in Russia.
But even if well heeled Irish golfers wanted to join the club, they would not be allowed.
District governor of Lions Club for Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe has challenged Batswana to join the club in large numbers to bolster their chances of garnering more support from Lions Club international.
Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp, was so happy with the deal, saying "We have signed a fantastic player; he is tactically very strong and football smart." The Brazilian will join the club training center in July to start preparations with Liverpool for the new season.
Both Davison and Fister were successful in passing the exam and now join the club's constantlygrowing group of black belts.
Two players have been lined up to join the club on loan from Football League clubs, and talks continue with three other players.
James McClean signed for the Baggies from Wigan, but he is the only fresh face to join the club, despite the departures of key players from the past, such as Youssouf Mulumbu and Graham Dorrans.
Johannesburg, May 31 ( ANI ): Barcelona captain Carlos Puyol will reportedly join the club's sports management team after being forced to quit the squad due to a knee injury.
"This will allow is to offer more opportunities for local children to join the club and participate in football".