join the club

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join the club

A phrase used to express sympathy for a common experience. For example, You waited three hours for the doctor? Join the club! [c. 1940]
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join the club


welcome to the club

You say join the club or welcome to the club when someone has been telling you about their problems or feelings, and you want to show that you have had the same problems or feel the same way. Tory MP, Andrew Smith, confesses he doesn't entirely understand the issue. Join the club, Andrew. You feel exhausted? Welcome to the club.
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join (or welcome to) the club

used as a humorous exclamation to express solidarity with someone else who is experiencing problems or difficulties that the speaker has already experienced.
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join the ˈclub

said as a reply to somebody who tells you their bad news when you are or have been in the same situation yourself; an expression of sympathy: ‘I failed the exam again!’ ‘Join the club! Pete, Sarah and I have as well, so don’t worry!’
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Join the club

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So join the club and check out today's dazzling flower offers and top-quality competition prize.
It gives nonnuclear countries and near-nuclear countries a strong incentive to join the club.
To get your comic or join the club just complete the coupon and return it to: Robell Clubs, TV Town, PO Box 142, Horsham RH13 5FJ - or call 01403 242727 to join the Club by credit card.
But even if well heeled Irish golfers wanted to join the club, they would not be allowed.
He also said, "that the only thing he didn't like was that Gina won't let him join the club.
This will allow is to offer more opportunities for local children to join the club and participate in football".
BIRMINGHAM coowner David Sullivan has revealed Lee Bowyer's fears over his personal safety were a major factor in the midfielder finally rejecting the chance to join the club.
Thompson is expected to join the club today in Phoenix, but won't be officially recalled and placed on the 25-man roster until just before game time Saturday.
Boro negotiated first option on the former Leeds and Newcastle defender when they set up the loan move and have since been working to persuade Woodgate to join the club he supported as a boy.
If you want to join the club, phone Lorraine on 0113 2799382.
Youngsters will be able to join the club for a pounds 10 annual fee.
There they were joined by club members both past and present - including some who were amongst the first to join the club in 1946.
McPherson, a third baseman, hit 40 home runs between Salt Lake and Double-A Arkansas this season and will join the club today.
In every city, he could invite fans to join the club for an opportunity to win an all expense paid weekend with him.
Ochoa will join the club today in Anaheim before tonight's game against the Yankees.