join forces

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join forces (with someone)

Fig. to combine one's efforts with someone else's efforts. The older boys joined forces with the younger ones to sing the school song. Let's join forces with the other faction and run our own slate of candidates.
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join forces

Act together, combine efforts. For example, The public relations people joined forces to get better coverage for their candidates. This expression originally referred to combining military forces. [Mid-1500s]
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join/combine ˈforces (with somebody)

work together in order to achieve a shared aim: The two firms joined forces to win the contract. OPPOSITE: part company (with/from somebody/something)
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Diana West, Walsall Council countryside services senior ranger, said: "The two groups worked together very well before and we are keen to see them join forces again.
I am excited to join forces with Buddy Berk, a seasoned pharmaceutical executive, in building Novel Laboratories, a new research-based specialty pharmaceutical company," said Veerappan Subramanian, Ph.
Photo Former bigwigs of espionage join forces in Spycraft The Great Game to be released on CD-ROM.
MINNEAPOLIS -- As an important step in its strategic plan to become the leading worldwide provider of accounting, tax and business consulting services to midsized companies, RSM McGladrey (NYSE: HRB) has announced plans to join forces with UK-based RSM Robson Rhodes.
Per the agreement, ESPRE and Anyware will join forces to meet the growing demand for video-centric mobile business solutions.
Commenting on the partnership, Kent Heyman, CEO of Migo Software, said, "Migo Software is pleased to join forces with TSR Storage.
The Automotive Dealership Institute has agreed to join forces with Dealership for Life, a nationwide dealership customer loyalty and retention program, it was announced by ADI CEO Alan Algan and DFL CEO Jeff Buchanan.
I am thrilled to join forces with long-time friend, co-investor and legendary venture capitalist, Bill Hambrecht," said Igor Sill.
With government, industry, and physician groups all taking steps to bring EHR technology to the forefront of discussions regarding the future of the healthcare industry, it is vital that we join forces to address the issues that others might have questions about such as implementation and accessibility.