join battle

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join battle (with someone or something)

To engage in a fight, argument, or competition with someone or something. Teams from all across the state are coming together to join battle this weekend at the events center. Oh, I've joined battle with the principal about my choice of curriculum many times before—I'm not worried.
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join battle

If you join battle with someone, you decide that you will try to defeat them in an argument or contest. Carter led the challenge against the Prime Minister and now finds himself joining battle with two of the party's most admired figures. European finance ministers will join battle this weekend in a new row over who should represent the Euro on the international stage.
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do/join ˈbattle (with somebody)

fight, compete or argue (with somebody): A group of local parents have decided to join battle with the council about their decision to close two of the town’s schools.
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able neonatal intensive care in North Wales P17,18,19,20 OUR MIRACLES INSIDE The families of these babies join battle to keep a The North Wales Health Alliance has set up a fighting fund for legal action to overturn the decision.
In cherishing difference, democratic individuality is also quick to defend it, to join battle against whatever threatens to homogenize it.
He writes with a muted elegance, a reluctance to join battle with--or even explore--anything on the current scene.
Umberto Eco, for example, contemplating the mass suicide by members of the People's Temple, observers that while in other countries social insecurity is allowed to take on more positive forms - revolution, struggles against tyrants, even nonviolent martyrdom, here "there is now no central object against which to join battle.
On the battlefield of Kurukshetra, Arjuna, one of the Pandava brothers, is dejected and confused and hesitates to join battle with his kinsmen, the Kauravas, mainly on the ground that to take another's life is not acceptable.
In the meantime, the AMN reported that 500 militants of Faylaq al-Hamzah affiliated to the Free Syria Army (FSA) have been sent to Afrin to join battle against the Kurds after they went under four-month-long military training by Turkish army.
The post Iraq militia fighters join battle for Syria's Aleppo appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
The Richard Hannon-trained duo Toormore and Night Of Thunder finished fourth and fifth behind Solow at Ascot and could, weather permitting, join battle again.
Postmen, plumbers, scaffolders, teachers and at least one rabbit minder join battle with League clubs in the FA Cup first round, knowing they could be 180 minutes from a dream trip to Old Trafford in the third round.
INSIDE The families of these babies join battle to keep ST SPORT the transfer to havealso calling for again at the "We want the politicians in charge to listen because the health board won't.
Why does the body go into a join battle retreat, There's a fortune awaiting that pill to defeat.
But it is unusual to hear female voices yelling "Allah Akbar" as they signal their intent to join battle.
join battle for survival and Cancer Research pack, visit jointhefight.
With Labour bracing itself for another ballot-box hammering, David Cameron taunted the Prime Minister for lacking the "courage" to join battle.