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horizontal jogging

Sexual intercourse. My brother spends his weekends cruising the bars around town in hopes of going for some horizontal jogging.
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go for a horizontal jog

To engage in sexual intercourse. My brother spends his weekends cruising the bars around town in hopes of going for a horizontal jog.
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jog on

1. Literally, to run along at a slow and deliberate place. We were running a little late for class, so we jogged on from the library toward the lecture hall.
2. By extension, to make progress slowly, deliberately, or patiently. Though the economic downturn hurt the company's profits, we've been able to keep jogging on until things begin to improve.
3. Go away; get lost; beat it. Primarily heard in UK. Jog on, you lout! Quit disturbing our customers!
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jog the/(someone's) mind

To stimulate someone's memory or mental acuity. It's important for children to begin reading early, as it will jog their minds as they develop. Creating little mnemonic devices can help to jog the mind when you are studying for an exam.
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jog (one's) memory

To cause someone to remember something. I tried jogging mom's memory, but she couldn’t remember Joe's phone number either.
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jog along

to trot or run along at a slow pace. She was jogging along quite happily. I had been jogging along for a few minutes when my shoelaces broke.
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jog someone's memory

Fig. to stimulate someone's memory to recall something. Hearing the first part of the song I'd forgotten really jogged my memory. DI tried to jog Bill's memory about our childhood antics.
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jog to the right

 and jog to the left
[for a road, path, etc.] to turn to the right or left. The road jogs to the right here. Don't run off. Keep going until the road jogs to the left. Our driveway is on the right side.
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jog somebody’s ˈmemory

help somebody to remember something: So you don’t remember Mary Woodson? Well, here’s a photograph of you with her which might jog your memory.
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Day 5 or 6: Jog 3 minutes, walk three minutes, repeat 5 times
DAY ONE: 10 minutes jog then two x five minutes threshold pace (five minutes jog after each).
DAY THREE: 10 mins easy, then five x one min fast, two slow, then five mins jog.
DAY ONE: 10 minutes jog then approx one mile timed, then 10 minutes jog.
9: 20min walk/jog - aim for 8min jog continuous then walk/jog.
10: 22min walk/jog - aim for 10min jog continuous then walk/jog.
11: 24min walk/jog - aim for 12min jog continuous then walk/jog.
Mark Ward, national co-ordinator for MHFS, said: "We want to encourage as many men from throughout Scotland as possible to take part, whether they walk, jog or run.
Jog Scotty needs you to create a trendy and patriotic outfit
Each of our running guides, devised with the help of Jog Scotland, aim to build up fitness gradually.
Walk and stretch as before followed by 1-min jog, 1-min walk,2-min jog,2-min walk,2-min jog,2-min walk, 1-min jog.
Walk and stretch as before followed by 2-min jog, 2-min walk,3-min jog,3-min walk,2-min jog, 2-min walk.
1-minute jog, 1-minute walk, 3-minute jog, 3-minute walk, 2-minute jog, 2-minute walk, 1-minute jog, 5-minute walk.
2-minute jog, 2-minute walk, 5-minute jog, 5-minute walk, 2-minute jog, 2-minute walk.
2-minute jog, 2-minute walk, 8-minute jog, 5-minute walk.