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horizontal jogging

Sexual intercourse. My brother spends his weekends cruising the bars around town in hopes of going for some horizontal jogging.
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go for a horizontal jog

To engage in sexual intercourse. My brother spends his weekends cruising the bars around town in hopes of going for a horizontal jog.
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jog on

1. Literally, to run along at a slow and deliberate place. We were running a little late for class, so we jogged on from the library toward the lecture hall.
2. By extension, to make progress slowly, deliberately, or patiently. Though the economic downturn hurt the company's profits, we've been able to keep jogging on until things begin to improve.
3. Go away; get lost; beat it. Primarily heard in UK. Jog on, you lout! Quit disturbing our customers!
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jog the/(someone's) mind

To stimulate someone's memory or mental acuity. It's important for children to begin reading early, as it will jog their minds as they develop. Creating little mnemonic devices can help to jog the mind when you are studying for an exam.
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jog (one's) memory

To cause one to remember something. I tried jogging Mom's memory, but she couldn't remember Joe's phone number either. I had no recollection of that vacation until the photo jogged my memory.
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jog along

to trot or run along at a slow pace. She was jogging along quite happily. I had been jogging along for a few minutes when my shoelaces broke.
See also: jog

jog someone's memory

Fig. to stimulate someone's memory to recall something. Hearing the first part of the song I'd forgotten really jogged my memory. DI tried to jog Bill's memory about our childhood antics.
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jog to the right

 and jog to the left
[for a road, path, etc.] to turn to the right or left. The road jogs to the right here. Don't run off. Keep going until the road jogs to the left. Our driveway is on the right side.
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jog somebody’s ˈmemory

help somebody to remember something: So you don’t remember Mary Woodson? Well, here’s a photograph of you with her which might jog your memory.
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Fit Like Joggers are open to anyone interested in running, free of charge, and have had more than 300 people in the club at one time during the Couch To 5k.
It has also been tested on 20 joggers who have provided the game developers with some useful feedback.
24 April 2012 - US middle-market investment bank Harris Williams & Co said on Monday it had acted as the exclusive financial advisor to US branded infant and juvenile products maker Baby Jogger in an equity recapitalisation by private equity firm Riverside Company.
But when the jogger returned back along the path and reached the gate near the car park, the trio were joined by another four youngsters.
The Laser 3000 Air Paper Jogger prepares documents for folders, inserters, and pressure sealers with minimal static and no need for a cool-down period.
The government took an excellent initiative to build walkways across the country providing a safe place for walkers and joggers. The walkways need to be surrounded by trees for more oxygenated and fresh air.
The report of the unidentified jogger caused a two-hour closure of the airport and delayed some 70 flights, according to the Kyodo News service.
She carries with her the dream journal and the eerie feeling that the jogger she sees running in the evening is another acquaintance from her past lives.
Several years ago, decidedly older, I declared myself a transformed "fitness jogger" and more recently, "fitness walker."
A FIFTEEN year-old boy appeared in court yesterday charged with attempting to stab a woman jogger to death.
Central Park Jogger has a book coming out, so why can't we ID her?
During the chase, police said the Bronco driver swerved at a male and female jogger on South Rattlesnake Road, causing them to leap out of the way.
A jogger died Tuesday night of serious burns suffered earlier in the day in Yamaguchi, western Japan, when he was attacked by a man who threw gasoline on him and lit it, police said.
Not being a theater director, I am aware of the limitations of my response to Andre Brink's two-act play, Die jogger (The Jogger or The Runner).