jog (one's) memory

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jog (one's) memory

To cause one to remember something. I tried jogging Mom's memory, but she couldn't remember Joe's phone number either. I had no recollection of that vacation until the photo jogged my memory.
See also: jog, memory

jog someone's memory

Fig. to stimulate someone's memory to recall something. Hearing the first part of the song I'd forgotten really jogged my memory. DI tried to jog Bill's memory about our childhood antics.
See also: jog, memory

jog somebody’s ˈmemory

help somebody to remember something: So you don’t remember Mary Woodson? Well, here’s a photograph of you with her which might jog your memory.
See also: jog, memory
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Well, this new offering from ITV might jog your memory as it charts life on board with the 1,400 crew who live and work for up to nine months a year on luxury cruise ship the Regal Princess.
If so, the man in picture four could jog your memory.
Photos to help jog your memory 5 Manor Tavern windows boarded up after Aston Villa and Birmingham City cup clash
To jog your memory, the former Playboy playmate married J Howard Marshall in 1994 when she was just 26 and he was 89.
com which will jog your memory with emails and texts.
IT'S easy to forget just how many of rock and pop's memorable moments come from north of the border, so here's a 38-track compilation to jog your memory.
Just reading the stories may jog your memory about something you saw or overheard.
Check this list for a few hints to jog your memory when deciphering race times: Weight; Sleep; Injuries; Miscellaneous aches and pains; or for women, Phase of menstrual cycle.
If you missed all the Tennessee Williams biographies, there's always My Best Friend's Wedding to jog your memory.