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horizontal jogging

Sexual intercourse. My brother spends his weekends cruising the bars around town in hopes of going for some horizontal jogging.
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go for a horizontal jog

To engage in sexual intercourse. My brother spends his weekends cruising the bars around town in hopes of going for a horizontal jog.
See also: go, horizontal, jog

jog on

1. Literally, to run along at a slow and deliberate place. We were running a little late for class, so we jogged on from the library toward the lecture hall.
2. By extension, to make progress slowly, deliberately, or patiently. Though the economic downturn hurt the company's profits, we've been able to keep jogging on until things begin to improve.
3. Go away; get lost; beat it. Primarily heard in UK. Jog on, you lout! Quit disturbing our customers!
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jog the/(someone's) mind

To stimulate someone's memory or mental acuity. It's important for children to begin reading early, as it will jog their minds as they develop. Creating little mnemonic devices can help to jog the mind when you are studying for an exam.
See also: jog, mind

jog (one's) memory

To cause one to remember something. I tried jogging Mom's memory, but she couldn't remember Joe's phone number either. I had no recollection of that vacation until the photo jogged my memory.
See also: jog, memory

jog along

to trot or run along at a slow pace. She was jogging along quite happily. I had been jogging along for a few minutes when my shoelaces broke.
See also: jog

jog someone's memory

Fig. to stimulate someone's memory to recall something. Hearing the first part of the song I'd forgotten really jogged my memory. DI tried to jog Bill's memory about our childhood antics.
See also: jog, memory

jog to the right

 and jog to the left
[for a road, path, etc.] to turn to the right or left. The road jogs to the right here. Don't run off. Keep going until the road jogs to the left. Our driveway is on the right side.
See also: jog, right

jog somebody’s ˈmemory

help somebody to remember something: So you don’t remember Mary Woodson? Well, here’s a photograph of you with her which might jog your memory.
See also: jog, memory
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"We are also pleased to enter into an option agreement with Equinor, which serves to demonstrate JOG's efforts to successfully collaborate, and continue to strengthen our working relationship with Equinor as Operator of licence P2170."
RUNNING TO SAY THANKS: Dad-of-two Reza Ali will run the Jingle Jog for the neonatal unit - the day before his son Steffan's first birthday His son Steffan was born eight weeks premature on December 10 and spent the first three and a half weeks on the neonatal unit.
The jOG is compatible with over 100 games and makes all your favourite games super-fun as well as improving your fitness.
Manufacturers New Concept Gaming say it works with any game that uses the nunchuck joystick to control characters and jOG has the added bonus of helping you keep fit by measuring how many steps you take while playing.
He said that jOG will not only banish game playing's couch potato image but ultimately makes game playing more fun and interactive.
British Heart Foundation event organiser, Louise McCathie, said: "Our Hearts First Jog went fantastically.
I wear a floatation belt around my waist enabling me to jog in the deep end of the pool.
Researchers at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina, and elsewhere assigned 175 middle-aged overweight men and women to walk or jog 11 miles a week, jog 17 miles a week, or continue their usual lifestyle.
A new disk jog switch gives users a single user interface with which to quickly and easily scroll through lists and make choices in handheld electronics.
When you jog, do you jog on the road with your back to the traffic?
If you can't exercise or jog for 20 minutes, simply go as far as you can.
He wants to jog. To get in the groove of jogging, he buys a jazzy new jogging suit.
In manual mode, the XYZ-axes can be jogged fast, medium or slow, by selecting manual pulse jog wheel resolutions of 0.01", 0.001", and 0.0001" increments.
More than 260 runners, walkers and bikers gathered at the Iowa State Fairgrounds during the World Pork Expo for the second annual "Hog Jog." The event, sponsored by the Iowa Farm Bureau Foundation (IFBF), World Pork Expo and Zylstra Harley-Davidson of Ames, helps raise money for the educational programs and activities of the IFBE "Support for the Hog Jog was tremendous and demonstrates the desire Iowans have to strengthen their rural communities," says Deb Yount-Woods, Hog Jog coordinator and director of IFBF leadership development and implementation.