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Joe Schmoe

An average person, especially a man and typically of the working class. My brother's just your typical guy, a real Joe Schmoe—you can find him watching a sporting event in a bar after work pretty much any night of the week. If we let Joe Schmoe decide the policy in our country, we'd still be stuck in the 1800s.
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Joe Schmoe


Joe Six-Pack

People say Joe Schmoe or Joe Six-Pack to refer to an ordinary, average person. The networks are looking for something they can sell to Joe Schmoe who lives in a caravan in Alabama. The most crucial factor will be the attitude of Joe Six-Pack, the ordinary American consumer.
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n. a Howard Johnson’s restaurant or hotel. (Collegiate. Often with the.) We’re going to meet the others at the ho-jo.


References in classic literature ?
As she applied herself to set the tea-things, Joe peeped down at me over his leg, as if he were mentally casting me and himself up, and calculating what kind of pair we practically should make, under the grievous circumstances foreshadowed.
Then, she gave the knife a final smart wipe on the edge of the plaister, and then sawed a very thick round off the loaf: which she finally, before separating from the loaf, hewed into two halves, of which Joe got one, and I the other.
How clever you are, Joe --and--kiss me, Joe--and what made you ever suspect that I wasn't giving music lessons to Clementina?
Stay there, old girl,' said Joe, 'and let us see whether there's any little commission for me to-day.
We must be patient, Joe, and bear with old folks' foibles.
When George Willard went to work for the Wines- burg Eagle he was besieged by Joe Welling.
Becoming more excited Joe Welling crowded the young reporter against the front of the feed store.
With such profound faith as Joe felt in the doctor, it is not to be wondered at that incessant discussions sprang up between him and Kennedy, without any lack of respect to the latter, however.
By-the-way," said Joe, "you know that the weighing comes off to-day.
Joe returned the gaze with mild boy's eyes, but his face grew serious.
The seconds followed, and they made quite a group, Joe and Ponta facing each other, the referee in the middle, the seconds leaning with hands on one another's shoulders, their heads craned forward.
New York might be too much for her, but she could cope with Joe.
But it was not the Joe she remembered, he of the twisted ringers and silent stare.
There happened to be a bath-tub for the servants in the laundry building, and he electrified Joe by taking a cold bath.
Joe announced, as they sat down to breakfast in a corner of the hotel kitchen.