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rock jock

1. Someone who is very skilled at rock climbing or does so very often. I'd love to try out the rock wall at my gym, but it's always crawling with rock jocks. I'm not enough of a rock jock to tackle a cliff like that.
2. A radio disc jockey specializing in rock music. He had a pretty prominent career as a rock jock, so it was a little weird hearing him spin new-age tunes in a new station.
3. An enthusiastic fan of rock music. My uncle's been a rock jock his whole life, so he's always blasting AC/DC and Metallica whenever I take a ride in his truck.
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1. n. an athlete. (see also strap, jockstrap. Now of either sex.) The jocks are all at practice now.
2. n. an athletic supporter (garment). Somebody dropped a jock in the hall.


n. a mountain or rock climber. The sides of every mountain are covered with rock-jocks.


and VJ and video jock
n. a video jockey; a host on a television program that features music videos. (see also disk jockey.) Sally tried out for the veejay job, but she looked too old and stuffy for that kind of work.

video jock

See veejay
See also: jock, video
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The Motor Sports Association - who fined Jock PS1000 this month and told him he'll have to pay another PS460 to appeal - have also come in for mockery online.
Jock, one of 11 children, of Broxburn, West Lothian, became a miner aged just 12 in 1931.
In a text message to Flotrack, which first reported the story, Jock wrote, "Once I arrived in the Bahamas and was informed I was an alternate, I was told three different and unsatisfactory reasons of why/how the decision was made.
Revenue from jock taxes imposed by most other states typically goes into the states' general fund; however, Tennessee's jock tax revenue was used "exclusively for the payment of, or the reimbursement of, as directed by the facility manager, expenses associated with securing current, expanded or new events for indoor sports facilities located in Tennessee" [section 67-4-1703(e)].
We said if Jock is looking down make sure we do him proud.
Churchill was so fond of Jock it was said that he would not start meals until he was at the table.
After the bombing of Coventry Cathedral in 1940, Jock bound two huge lengths of burned oak roof timbers into the shape of a cross.
When Jock was visiting Mali In 2000, a local woman made a request of him: find and send a "small machine for shelling peanuts, something that wouldn't need electricity (which the villagers didn't have) or gasoline (which they couldn't afford).
The college jock did manage to have a couple of dates with the interesting brunette, and his roommate's chances were nothing more than history.
Jock and Betty wanted to ensure that Daisy would not grow lonely despite all the love and attention they gave her.
And on his last day at the Blackdene fluorspar mine at Ireshopeburn, near Stanhope, Jock also received the traditional pounds 31 parting gift - the same as given to longservice miners when they retire - to buy his oats.
There is very little left to do in this world, and this is one of the last true global firsts in polar exploration and one of the greatest rows ever attempted," said Jock.
Dr Simon Palfreeman, a 54-year old Australian pathologist, believes his son Jock (23), who was convicted on December 2 2009 of the murder of Andrei Monov and the wounding of Antoan Zahariev, is the victim of a miscarriage of justice.
Kathleen Miller, a research scientist at UB's Research Institute on Addictions, says that the differences between the jock identity and the athlete identity might have implications for health-risk behaviour.
Jock is looking forward to two blissful summer months helping out at his grandfather's 13-hole golf complex, but his oddball family members have plans of their own.